Random Thoughts: The Children Are Winning

Sometimes that’s good thing as in:

It stuns me how mature (for a 5-year-old, mind you) Flora can be.

The other day, Flora’s dayschool took the kindergarten-aged children (holy cats, Flora’s going into kindergarten in the fall!) bowling. She scored a strike and two spares, and won two prizes. They were packages of those encapsulated expandable sponge animals, which my girls find endlessly engrossing.

Upon telling me of her victories, and her prizes as we walked out to the car, she turned to her little sister and said, “Here, Kate, you can have one.” And she handed Kate a package. I don’t think she even checked to see if it was the dinosaur or farm animals one.

I think I literally gasped.

Kate gushed, “Oh, sank you, Flora.” They hugged.

Fighting back tears (damn hormones!), I said, “That was really nice, Flora. You’re being a good big sister.”


As an aside, I love my dayschool’s summer program. Weather permitting, they have a sprinkler day once a week — which is kind of a PITA for me what with all the finding of bathing suits and towels, and packing up changes of shoes and clothes. But the kids love it. They take the older kids (Flora’s age and up) bowling or miniature golfing one day a week (it’s ain’t free, but it ain’t breaking the bank), and usually they walk to the library one day a week. They are even planning an outing to the Children’s Museum! I guess it makes me happiest because they are the kinds of activities that, were I a SAHM, I would be doing with my kids, too.


Sometimes, the winning children come at a cost:

For example, last night, as I huddled in the girls’ room under two blankets. I was on Flora’s bed.

The girls were in our bed with their father.

I had attempted to separate them (the girls, at bedtime) because after half an hour, the shenanigans weren’t calming down. I heard jumping and loud laughing and even a little screaming. It was nearly 10 o’clock. Dan actually wasn’t home yet.

I stomped upstairs, banished Flora to my room, and lay down with Kate. She sobbed about how she wanted “Foe-wa” and her “sissy”. By the time she was finally settling in and falling asleep (gripping my arm so as to keep me by her side), Dan was home. When he came upstairs, I sent him to check on Flora.

Kate didn’t want to sleep with me anymore; she wanted to sleep with Daddy. Daddy and Flora were having a bang-up conversation in the other room.

I had to pee.

I gave up. I was tired; I had a half-day to work in the morning. Lights were on all over the place (night-lights, bathroom lights — my girls are deathly afraid of the dark) —  and I can’t sleep with lights on. I don’t know why I went to Flora’s room instead of the guest room, though. Peevish-ness, probably.

So Kate climbed in bed with her sissy and her dad, and I closed the door to the girls’ room and turned out their nightlight.

This whole bedtime fiasco is really getting to me. It’s getting to Dan to, primarily because as a result of not falling asleep until after 10 p.m., Flora is a BEAR in the morning. She doesn’t want to MOVE. Mornings are largely Dan’s domain, and trying to get a cranky 5yo out the door is stressing him out.

I don’t know what to do, short of moving Flora back into her old room (the current guest room — which, aha, didn’t have sheets on the bed, which is how I ended up in the girls’ room). Which we will need in November for the baby. When I try to separate the girls and go back downstairs, they simply disobey me and don’t stay put. When I try to separate the girls and stay with a sobbing Kate, I don’t get what I need from the evening (whether that’s folding laundry or reading a book).

I can make them go to bed, but I can’t make them go to sleep. It’s starting to really suck.


The children will undoubtedly win again at something or another, as we are off to Erie for the weekend, and Nonna and Pap-pap are always happy to indulge them. Happy 4th, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Children Are Winning

  1. I always had this problem with my girls too. They are a year and a month apart. Bedtimes were always the time of day I hated the most. They would go to “bed” fine but you heard giggling and laughing on good nights and fighting and yelling on bad nights. It did not get any better until they got into thier own rooms and then we had a son. Lol. We had about 9 months of peace.

    • *groan*

      They were in separate rooms, and then we put them in the same room and made the other room a guest room, and now we’re expecting a baby in November, so separating them again just doesn’t make sense. Wah!

  2. In my family I was the Flora and my sister Andrea was the Kate. We had our own rooms until my youngest sister was born when I was 6 and Andrea was 5 – we are 15 months apart. When the baby arrived we shared a room and the bedtime shenanigans ensued until we moved out of our small ranch and into a larger house with 4 bedrooms and we all had our own – I was 14 when that happened. For the first 6 months we lived in that house I would wake up with Andrea on my floor or in bed with me more nights than I didnt…and at that point the littlest one would end up in there alot too. Thankfully that eventually stopped…but it was a looong time, or at least it seemed so to me seeing as I was the one waking up pinned to a wall with a younger sister sprawled out all over me bed 😉

    I really never required much sleep…the stories @burghbaby tells about Alexis and finding her up reading at 2am and just NOT sleeping – that was totally me. Andrea on the other hand to this DAY requires 8 solid hours a night or shes a bear. I remember many rough mornings and even rougher bedtimes until my mom & dad finally just gave up and we struck an accord…mostly. I started getting Andrea up in order to avoid the morning scene and as long as we werent making noise they ignored we were awake and chittering in our beds until well after bedtime. My mom always used to say shed rather we wanted to stay up being girls than not be able to stand being around each other…and I guess thats true. I do remember how bad it used to piss my mom off that we wouldnt sleep…think I understand why at least now 😉

    • Well, Flora needs her sleep big time, as is evidenced every single morning. She even recognizes how tired she is at night, and usually complains about it. But she still plays with Kate until I threaten to separate them. I’m trying not to get too mad about it, but it is driving me bonkers! Kate can go with a little less at night, but she’s still napping at daycare, so I know she’s getting caught up (as it were).

      I think it’s kind of cute that your sisters came to sleep with you for a while after you guys moved and had separate rooms. There is nothing I love more than to creep into my girls’ room when they are asleep and see them sprawled all over each other!

  3. My boys are only 14 months apart. They didn’t have any interest in their own rooms and in fact usually ended up in the same twin bed. It went on so long that I actually told them they had to learn to sleep alone before they got to college. It suddenly changed at 6th and 7th grade and now they compete and argue over everything. I know it’s just a part of individuation, but I miss the days they were pleasant to one another. One of my friends told me it would go back to the good relationship in college. I hope I can get through until then; that’s still 4 more years!

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