Random Thoughts: I Got Nothing

I didn’t really mean to leave that post up all week long.

I meant to write something about our lovely weekend in Erie. I was hoping to have some pictures, but my mom hasn’t emailed me any yet. (She got the good ones.)

I am pretty tapped out. Work is incredibly busy. (Which is good.) I am in a quite a bit of physical discomfort, primarily because of my back (which is not good). The house is a wreck; the kids are okay, but it’s hard to parent from a reclining position (especially when one of them wants to jump on me).

It’s 5:15 a.m., and I’ve been up since Kate came into our bed at 4:30. And she peed in it, so really there’s no sense in bothering to go back to sleep.

There’s the whole Anxiety thing. (Thanks, everyone, for the hugs and suggestions.)

I’m going to have breakfast, clean my kitchen table, and go to work.