Unforgettable (Not so Much)

So I mentioned that my kids’ daycare has cool and fun summer programs for my kids: “school” for Kate, getting the 3s ready for the grueling discipline of pre-school; sprinkler day; and field trips for Flora (miniature golf, bowling, trips to the library).

Now if I could just remember when those things were actually occurring, it would be incredibly helpful to everyone.

I completely spaced on the field trip Flora was supposed to go on yesterday to the Children’s Museum. Fortunately, according to the dayschool’s records, she was paid up, so she got to go. Unfortunately, the car seat that Dan was supposed to bring to the school was in my trunk; I hadn’t packed a disposable lunch (I’m not wholly sure what this was supposed to be anyway); and I don’t know what color shirt Flora was wearing (she was supposed to be color coordinated with the other kids so they could keep the group together).

She went anyway.

For some reason I had it in my head that the field trip was July 25 — which if I had looked at a calendar, I would have realized was a Sunday. So maybe I would have double-checked that. I’m still not sure how the trip got paid for, frankly. Dan probably had my back on that one (thanks, babe).

Today is Sprinkler Day, which my girls love. Love, love, love. Who doesn’t love running through a sprinkler and splashing in a wading pool on a hot summer’s day?

But I didn’t remember yesterday that today was sprinkler day. I failed to lay out their suits, forgot their swim shoes (which are really a pair a flip-flops for Flora and crocs for Kate), and did not pack a bag with towels, plus a change of clothes and shoes.

So, no sprinkler day for my kids today.

I do feel bad about spacing on it. And (despite this post) I’m not beating myself up about it. It just occurs to me that I know, sooner or later, kids realize their parents aren’t perfect and that we make mistakes and forget things, too.

I just didn’t realize that “sooner” for Kate and Flora was going to be “now”.

How do you keep track of your kids’ events? Big wall calendars? Google calendar? Do you have the sufficient brain power to keep this all in your head? Do I need more ginko biloba? This is only just begun, and it’s not looking good for my children. HALP!