Yawn. Zzzzz.

The weekend to this point has been difficult, challenging, and… interesting. I have a lot to ponder and write about, but I need some sleep first.

Due to my high school reunion, the debate of whether or not to join Facebook is being revisited. In my head. The last thing I need is more time in front of a computer. If it is something that can be set up and minimally tended, I’ll do it. But if it turns into a giant timesuck, I’m going to bail.

And if any of the following become too bothersome, I’m out.

4 thoughts on “Yawn. Zzzzz.

    • Thank you for the tips! I will activate all of those. IF I decide to go the facebook route. There are a few people who were not at the reunion whom I would enjoy “talking” to again. Plus, I will be able to see pictures.

      And I looked damn good.


  1. It can be a gigantic time suck but I consider it worthwhile time because I can spend it playing word games with my sister like we did as kids. Sometimes she teases me when I leave a game sit for a few days but she knows I chase a toddler, all she chases is NYC taxis.
    I think you’ll like it if you try it, but it is a bit more messy than it used to be. I am not a fan of the new stuff…

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