Meatless Monday: Stirfry

I have rediscovered the delicious simplicity of stirfry. It’s quick, tasty, and easy on calories (for DearDR).

As with many meatless dishes I have posted… er, lately (very lately as it were), what I like the most about stirfry is you can pretty much do anything with it. Don’t like broccoli? Use something else. Fan of water chestnuts? Stirfry is perfect!

DearDR and I received a wok for our wedding. I was worried it wouldn’t work as well on an electric stove as it did on gas, but those worries have been unfounded.

I start with some olive oil mixed with sesame oil to saute garlic. Then I throw in hoisin sauce and tofu. After that browns a little bit, I add my veggies. I try to limit myself to three, and I try to make them all a different color: broccoli, red pepper, and carrots; celery, carrots, and mushroom; orange pepper, broccoli, and water chestnut.

For DearDR I have sauted some chicken strips on the side, sometimes with a sweet and sour marinade that he likes.

I have been serving the stirfry over soba or udon noodles, as well as the stand-by: rice. My kids like both — they don’t like to eat everything mixed together, but they will eat steamed or sauted veggies, rice or noodles, and plain tofu. We probably eat stirfry once a week, but it hasn’t gotten boring because I don’t think I’ve made it the same way twice.

What’s your favorite stirfry? I know Allison has one she makes with pineapple. And, yes, I am sincerely hoping she will link to a recipe or leave it in the comments. Please leave your favorite combo, too!