Another Day, Another Dollar

Monkey’s fever still hasn’t broken. It goes down when she takes Tylenol or Motrin, which I figure is a good sign. She also seems much better today, less lethargic. Nothing else is bothering her — no sore throat, no puking. But she is not eligible to return to daycare until she is fever-free for 24 hours with no meds.

My in-laws have a day filled with doctors appointments and errands, so I am home with her. She is singing through what I had hoped would be nap time.

Due to the incredible downpours yesterday, the girls slept overnight at my in-laws house. After I took Bun down to day care, I returned to find a restless Monkey. She was actually bored with television, which I took as another good sign. I brought her home, bathed her, and we played a few games together.

First up: Colorforms. We built houses, and a city skyline, and a man holding a bunch of balloons. It was pretty fun, actually.

Once we cleaned that up, we broke out the board games. Monkey hates Chutes & Ladders, but she insists on playing it. She loses interest about halfway through — and if she’s losing, even sooner. (Note to self: Teach Monkey old saw about winning, losing, and how you play the game.) True to form, she wanted to bail and play something else when I was winning, but I held firm (and tried not to sound too exasperated) as I explained we would either quit playing games altogether or we would finish Chutes & Ladders and then play something else.

She went on to win that game (yes, I let her — she can only learn so many lessons in one day), plus Candy Land and Hi-Ho Cherry-O — pretty much the Triple Crown of children’s board games. She ate a fantastic lunch; then we played what Monkey calls the Match Game (i.e. Memory). I’m pretty sure I ran away with that one, but we didn’t count cards at the end.

This afternoon will be for coloring and other arts & crafts. Maybe we’ll watch some TV after dinner, but I’m hoping not to have to turn it on before then.

All I am really hoping is that the fever breaks. She is clearly feeling better, and there are no indications that the illness is a return of strep. If she’s still running a temperature tomorrow, though, someone will have to take her to the doctor to definitively rule it out.

Wonder who that will be?