Cape Cod 2009: Sunday and Monday

After discovering this place, I probably didn’t really need to go anywhere else the rest of the vacation.

Trampoline Center:

Video to be posted soon.

After Bun woke from her nap, we went down to Nauset Light:

And two sisters at the Three Sisters:

Do not ask me why Bun couldn’t smile as nicely as Monkey.

And then, apparently, on Monday, I lost control of the camera:

Update from Vacation

We made it. As I texted my father on Sunday: “We all survived. Now we have 7 days to recover before we do it all over again. Backwards.”

I have some super pictures that I am getting uploaded, and even more super video. And it’s only Tuesday!

DearDR seems psyched about his symposium (get it?). The best part: It’s over by 12:30, so we can actually spend the bulk of the day as a family.

We love our cute little cottage. It has a couple of strikes against it, but comfort is not one of them. Bathing the children in the stand-up shower, however… yeah, not so fun.

Monkey has been a delight; Bun has been challenging — but fun. And funny.

I miss writing every day. I miss my blog/Twitter/plurk peeps. It’s weird to not be plugged in, or at a computer for 8 to 10 hours of every day.

That said, I’ll take my kids’ amazement at every thing we are doing. The pay off is unbelievable.