Happy Father’s Day

Dear Fathers,

Whomever and where ever you are, I hope you get to do what you want today. For DearDR, that will mean sleeping in until it’s time to make pancakes with the girls. For my dad, I’ve no doubt that means golf and good food. For Dr. Bro, probably grilling something meat-based and lots of beer. For my BIL-IL (SIL’s husband), probably just hanging at home. Maybe Niece will take a day off from spontaneous tears (fingers crossed for ya, BIL-IL). My FIL: good food and good family and good naps.

I hope you don’t get too many ties. I hope your grandchildren send you cards with their own artwork in them. I hope you get a weed whacker or a new pair of shoes or whatever other manly gift you desire.

I hope that being a father (and an uncle and a grandfather) makes you happy.

God bless fathers. Have a fantastic day.