To Do

In the next six months or so, by my reckoning, I have to:

Plan to host a baby swap. (No actual babies will be swapped.)

Shop for a new bedroom suite for the girls. (My mother is helping with this part, bless her.)

Get ready for Halloween.

Plan Flora’s sixth birthday party.

Get the baby’s room ready.

Have a baby.

Shop, wrap, and decorate for Christmas. (I may get off the hook as far as cooking.)

Plan Kate’s fourth birthday party. (She has specifically requested Chuck E. Cheese’s. I could cry.)

Plan a baptism.

And be a married maid of honor to Dr. Sis, whatever that may entail. (I really have no clue. Throw a party or two? Keep people in line?)

And that’s all on top of what I refer to as “the daily” around here (you know, work, school, bills, cleaning, laundry, etc.).

So, that’s why I bailed on Podcamp Pittsburgh 5, and arranging childcare and the like. But I sure hope the rest of all y’all are having fun!

6 thoughts on “To Do

  1. Pardon my pedantic nature…

    Married Maid of Honor = Matron of Honor.

    Although I could see why people would hate that term. It’s so dowdy sounding!

    • Podcamp is great, and I really wanted to go this year. Unfortunately, I know my limitations, and I am very comfortable working within them!

      So, when are you getting your butt on Twitter?

  2. You truly are the queen of lists! I am not worthy!

    One day at a time, friend. All things baby at the top of the list…shortcuts whenever possible. I hate to say this, but you may be grateful for Chuck E Cheese this time round…not much planning required, order pizza, bring cake, and VOILA! instant party! And the kids will love it!

    Take care! I have faith that all will be well!

    • I did honestly think to myself: It may be loud, but at least CEC will be easy. Plus, I may just send Dan and the kids. I don’t think all that noise would be good for the baby. 😉 Another plus: it would just be cousins and friends; we don’t do the classroom invites yet. thank goodness.

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