False Advertising

Remember this? First day of preschool, a whole week ago? She looks totally psyched, doesn’t she?

Turns out, not so much.

Thursday when I dropped her off, she was shy and clingy.

Today when Dan dropped her off, he reports he carried her around the room for five minutes before he could get away.

And then, later, she peed her pants. I had to go all the way home, get a dry outfit, drop it off at daycare, and go back to work. (Just FYI: That’s an extra hour in the car.)

I am starting to think that despite her outgoing nature Kate is having separation anxiety. Or she’s not as adaptable as we thought she was. Change seems to set her back — especially in the potty area.

First it was news of the baby, and pooping in her pants.

And now it’s preschool, and peeing. She had an accident at home last night, too. I just thought it was because she waited too long to run to the bathroom.

But today I am wondering.

She is still waking up at night, probably four times a week. More often than not lately, she goes off in search of her dad (who usually falls asleep on the couch with the TV on). In general she is always seeking me out for another hug or cuddle — even after she is supposed to be asleep or I am supposed to be getting in the car to leave in the morning.

She doesn’t like to be alone. At all. If Flora and I are in the kitchen to do Flora’s “homework”, Kate has to be in there too (for the whole 10 minutes it takes). Or if we’re in the bathroom because I’m giving Flora a bath, she has to be there. And the majority of the time she won’t even go pee or wash her hands (or get a drink or watch TV) unless Flora or I go with her.

Every morning she asks if I have to go to work. (Flora has picked up on this, and is asking now, too.) She asks if she has to go to school or daycare.

I thought she was excited to start preschool, go in with Flora, but maybe I was wrong.

Or maybe I’m over thinking this.

Kate’s evident “set backs’ — if that’s what they are — have caught me off guard.

Maybe something is going on in her little head about processing the death of GG.

Maybe I understand her a little less because she is a second child (for all intents and purposes), and I am an oldest child.

Maybe this is just Kate’s meandering path, and I have to worry a little less and snuggle a little more.