4 thoughts on “It Breaks My Heart A Little Bit

  1. Oh, dear… That post you linked to had me slightly confused at first, when I read it in it’s original post… but then I got it. and then I cried…

    But this picture makes me smile!

    All of my grandparents have passed. And my mom said just the day after you posted that original post that she wished her mother could see My Little C because she’d just love her to no end… I just looked at my mom and said, “She can, mom. I know that she can.”

    I really believe that. Not sure my mom does.

    I’m glad your girls are able to see her. And somewhere in there, she knows who they are. And loves them.

    • She was so delighted to see the girls. It was as if she did recognize them. I know that even if she did have a moment of recognition, it quickly passed.

      Except in her heart maybe. Her heart, which is so large and so generous, still, knows.

      thanks for the comment,

      And: don’t worry; I cried, too, writing it.

  2. Your grandmother’s face is precious. And the girls look so comfortable. That warms my heart – because I know plenty of adults who cannot be comfortable around a person with memory problems.

    • To their credit, the girls never balk at going to see “G.G.” She has been in the home for a couple of years now. She was much sharper when Flora was born, but has faded, dramatically, since then. I think sometimes I am sadder than Flora and Kate because I know how much is gone. But “G.G.” is always in good spirits and she was delighted, just tickled, to see the girls. That warmed me. I’ll have a lot of stories to tell; I hope my daughters can imagine her as she used to be.

      Thanks for the comment,


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