Kate’s New Year

I am sincerely hoping that one of Kate’s resolutions for 2010 — for the first week of 2010 if she can pull it off — is to get herself potty-trained.

She did great at day care last week, which was at ye olde DCL’s because their day school was closed the week between holidays (they do not charge us). The continued obstacle is pooping. Pooping on the potty just isn’t happening.

Yesterday, we were supposed to go over to my in-laws for the afternoon. Getting Kate in for a nap proved futile (which was particularly painful because I wanted to nap). I told her if she didn’t nap, we were not going to go to Bella’s — Flora and Daddy would go without us.

She didn’t nap.

So while Flora and Daddy headed over to Bella’s at 3 p.m., Kate and I stayed home. I actually managed to get a lot of cleaning done. Kate and I went over for dinner, and came home around 8 p.m. She actually did not throw a big tantrum about the whole thing, which makes me think I didn’t pick the right thing to take away from her.

As far as potty training: my strategy is to get her a few little toys, $1-store stuff, for her to have when she poops on the potty. I’ll get her one big toy, probably Littlest Pet Shop related, for when she makes the real transition to the big-kid room at day school.

Here’s hoping.