Road to Recovery

I forgot how a high fever can make you feel: exhausted, out of it, sore as all get out. And tired. Lordy, how tired. I slept most of the day yesterday, and took a two-hour nap today.

I feel tons better than I did yesterday, but even being vertical for a little while wipes me out. I’ve spent most of my day at the computer, trying to do some work-at-home stuff (job preservation). Cream soup for lunch may have been a mistake, but as I haven’t heaved, I think the queasy feeling will pass. Even sitting up to watch TV is exhausting (although that may be because I’m watching Lost on DVD, and we all know how exhausting that show is).

I think the RPM household is going to hunker down this weekend for some good old recovery time. The girls seems to be okay, although still tired from their own bout with the bug. Dan had a horrible day yesterday, although he didn’t throw up, and I don’t think he ran a fever (I won’t tell you how the bug affected him, but it wasn’t pretty). I’m sincerely bummed because we are going to miss a chili cook-off birthday party with some of our new friends. But as I would like all my new friends to still be my friends, and I’m not sure they would if they catch what we had, it’s probably for the best. (The bug has already taken out Wednesday’s babysitter, who left loving the girls. I’m not sure how she’s feeling about them today. It’s a bad bug.)

We’re going to all get better, and come to next week with fresh heads. And bellies. Thanks for everyone who sent wishes for better health here and via Twitter. We’re on the mend.