Quietly, so quietly I didn’t even mention it in my uberlist post, I decided to do Blog365 again this year. I made it to the end of June last year, and I learned a few tricks, so I thought I would go ahead and do it again.

I like the discipline of writing daily. I like the challenge.

That being said, I practically blanked on Jan. 2 (hence a weak post, IMO), and here I am again on Jan. 4, drawing a blank.

The problem is not limited to this blogging thing. I am hopelessly unorganized. It’s reflected in my home, most notably. I’m not sure if the disorganization/mess has grown out of my house into my brain or vice-versa, but I am just buried.

We had three days off, and while I got a ton of stuff accomplished, I feel as if there is so much more to do. A lot of the stuff I put to the side for donation is still sitting in my house, which is a problem. The toys and clothes are going several places (Dan’s office, Goodwill, other children), and Dan & I haven’t gotten together to coordinate that effort.

I’ve made some decisions about storage and organization and decoration in my house, but here is another area that Dan and I need to be on the same page. The Target was very disappointing this weekend; they had none of the corner entertainment centers I had seen on-line. And the ledge shelving available was primarily black or white, which doesn’t figure into my color scheme. So that didn’t get done either.

I haven’t actually made my uberlist yet. I just know I want to.

I haven’t loaded up my new iPod yet, for goodness sakes! (Dan was kind enough to charge it up for me. Thanks, honey!)

On the bright side, I went through the arts & crafts drawers, threw out the old, and stored the new. And we bought a number of new storage boxes for clothes and a couple of other things that need to be stored for future use.

To return to the point (I think), I have to go back and review my plan for Blog365. And, yes, I need a plan. It is occurring to me as I write this terribly unorganized post that it is supposed to be Meatless Monday.

I’m going to have to start trying out some new recipes. Sigh.