Dream a Little Dream

I have somehow managed to get everyone out of the house. Well, excepting the dog (my sister’s) and the sleeping baby Bun. I figured I better get this post in because in about one hour, all hell is going to break loose on my house. In other words, we are having a birthday party for a three-year-old; seven other children will be here.

I am posting the video below because it has resonated for DearDR and me over the past few days.

DearDR’s boss showed this to him a couple of days ago, in reference to him finally earning his license to practice psychology. He’s been at this agency for seven years now, and they have always encouraged him to do more and go further. And now that he has, we all will reap the reward that has been sown.

Look at the contestant’s face throughout the video. Watch the expressions of the judges — and especially how they change.

And don’t give up. Dream big, dream little. But for God’s sake — dream.

3 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream

  1. On the rare ocassion that I get the house to myself, I am so overwhelmed by thoughts of what I could do that I just stand around doing nothing. Good job for at least accomplishing a blog post!

    I hope the birthday party was a smashing success!

  2. Katie: I will get to the tag this week. Thanks! I’m going to check out that link now, too. I’m curious.

    BBM: I know, I know. I am sure that there are times I should give myself a break and do nothing. But then the mess would win! thanks for visiting.


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