A Special Thursday 13: Thanksgiving

I have seen the Thursday Thirteen a couple of places (notably here), and I decided it was perfect for Thanksgiving.

13 Things for which I am Thankful:

1. DearDR earning his license. It has been a tough road for us, but I am so happy we’re at the end of the “hard part”. There are a couple of other hoops, but DearDR is well on his way to a successful career as a psychologist. I think the most thankful people are going to be his patients!

2. Deciding not to go back to work when Bun was six weeks old. I miss working, I truly do, and the financial ramifications are difficult. But we are getting through, and I am so glad I haven’t missed my Bun’s amazing, humbling, and amusing development. And of course being home with Monkey has been rewarding, too. I can start working again next year.

3. Deciding on — and keeping, mostly — the TV Vow. It has challenged me to become more involved with my children’s play in such a way that I, too, am entertained and not bored out of my mind. (I’m sorry, but sometimes playing with kids is boring. You know it is; just admit it.)

4. “Arts and craps”. I am so glad that I stumbled onto these types of activities to do with Flora. I’m sure it’s developmentally great for her and blah, blah, blah, but more importantly: fun and she’s out of my hair for a bit.

5. To go along with 3 & 4: I am thankful that my children have the ability to amuse themselves. Mileage varies, but they do not look to me every instance of the day to entertain them. Which, really, is better for them than for me!

6. Oh, to also go along with 4: Bun still usually takes her morning nap. Thank goodness.

7. The Library. (Reaching already and I’m only at 7!) Monkey has just started attending Toddler Time (or whatever it’s called) at our local library. It’s an hour of structured activity that I don’t have to structure! Of course, it would be nice if I would get there on time. Plus, I mean, who’s not thankful for libraries? I can’t buy all the books I read. I don’t got the space and I don’t got the moolah. Free books! (And music and DVDs and puzzles for Bun to bang on while Monkey’s in Toddler Time!)

8. My in-laws. Not only do they help me out in some form almost everyday (they live next door, in case you’ve just tuned in), my mother-in-law Bella is always picking up little things for them. A sleeper for Bun, or a DVD, or, today, a portable folding potty seat for Monkey. She just sees something (usually something too cute to pass up) and she just buys it. It’s a nice bonus in the in-laws category.

9. Being at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving with the whole fam damily. That means: us; my little sister, K, and her dog Buddy; plus my brother T with his wife and three boys (ages 6, 4 and 8 months); obviously, Pap-pap and Nonna. It’s fun; it’s crazy; the food is awesome; the drinks are awesomer; AND I don’t have to change every single diaper or feed every meal or give every bath. Everybody pitches in!

10. Photo Friday.

11. This here blog. I am writing again. Regularly. It is good for my soul, and I hope it leads me to bigger and better things. I don’t even care if they are financially rewarding. Although, obviously, that would be a big bonus.

12. My immediate family. This seems apparent, but I want to put it that way: my immediate family: my spouse, my children. I am thankful to be in relationship to these people in these unique ways: bonds of love and blood. I know that as time goes on, we will redefine holidays and tradition and more, and I am looking forward to the chance to do that.

13. That my husband makes homemade wine. GOOD homemade wine. It’s probably partially responsible for that last post.

Happy Thanksgiving, Blog-O-Sphere. What are you thankful for?