Random News and Notes

Monkey had her three year check up today. She is put together perfectly in every way. She weighs 33 pounds and is 38 inches tall. Monkey really enjoyed her check up, and was chatty with the doctor, and just generally easy going and relaxed.

And then she got two shots.

Talk about spoiling a perfectly nice time. She’s been pouting and limping since, except for those times when she is doing what she wants (arts and crafts, playing up at the mall). At those latter times, she is just fine.

Bun played peek-a-boo with Monkey and me today. We were in the downstairs potty; Monkey crawled up to the door and partially closed it. I thought she was headed up the stairs, which are right there. But then, her little hand appeared, grasped the door and pulled it open. Then she peeked her head around it at Monkey and me.

Monkey and I broke up laughing. I said, “Are you playing peek-a-boo with us?” Bun continued to play for a few minutes, while Monkey and I laughed and laughed. It was adorable.

DearDR is convinced Bun said her first word the other day. He says she took her binky out of her mouth, tried to put it in his, and said, “bingy” (i.e. binky). I am skeptical, primarily because she really hasn’t even said “dada” yet. I mean, she makes the “da da da da” sound, but she hasn’t quite addressed DearDR yet.

And she certainly isn’t saying “mama”. Little ingrate.

But DearDR wants to note for the record that he thinks her first word was binky. So noted, husband.

Now, I really have to go clean my kitchen because somehow, in the space of only a few hours, it has gotten completely trashed. We’ve been out most of the day — although we have eaten here. I guess the eat-and-run has buried the kitchen sink in dirty dishes. And I’d like to clean it up before I start dinner and it just gets messed up again. (Is there logic in that? Probably not. The logic that says, “Why make my bed? I’m just going to sleep in it again later.” Which reminds me, I also have to change the sheets…)