Beating My Head Against a Brick Wall

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Today was “Office Cleaning” Day.

(DearDr’s Desk)

Bella and Tadone have the kids next door. DearDR stayed home most of the day to help (he was supposed to stay home all day, but he has patients at 4 and 6 p.m. that got moved from earlier in the week — that can be explained another day. I have 28 more to go, after all.)

We procrastinated. We cleaned the kitchen, changed the sheets on the beds, had sex in the shower. We did not want to go into the office. Especially to clean.

(My Desk)

But eventually (around 11:30 a.m. to be precise) DearDR and I found ourselves in the office. And we began.

Our esrtwhile office, supposed to be my work-at-home office, has been, since we moved into this house two and a half years ago, treated more like a storage space than an office. When other rooms get cleaned, everything goes into the office. When we decorate for holidays, the everyday stuff sits in the office. And the paper is truly daunting. I have created files; we received a nifty bill organizer a couple of years ago to help.

Instead, I store bills and mail to be sorted through in this:

This is a perpetual problem, and I hope someday that it will be solved permanently. In the meantime, I gotta move all this stuff in time for Monkey’s birthday party in a week. And dust. I have to dust. I used to dust, but this house and all the stuff and shelves in this house have defeated me.

(Where We Actually File Things)

(And Underneath Where We Actually File Things)

(Stairs Leading to Basement)

And these pictures? These were taken after three and a half hours of cleaning. Instead of continuing, I have decided to write and post pictures. I’m decompressing. I have about another hour and a half kid-free, so I will go back to it. Unless Bella calls me first. And I hope she’s feeding me and the girls dinner because I haven’t even thought about that.