Bad Mommy Days

Welcome to the cough and mucous factory

It has been a very trying week. We have all been in various stages of sickness since Sunday. And I had a hard time dealing with the Monkey’s endless coughing Monday. I just wanted her to stop. Especially stop coughing on me. We have not had a very good time. On Wednesday, the Bun started coughing, and that was the worst. She just gave me this very confused look that said, “What is happening to me, and why can’t you stop it?”

Ah, I am the bringer of all pleasure and pain, little Bun. I feed you and keep you warm and make you smile that gorgeous smile. And then I nearly drown you in saline nose drops and suck snot out of your tiny nostrils. The coughing, if I could, I would do for you, because it’s not right that your little ten-week-old body should endure such an insult.

Yesterday, Bun seemed well on the way to getting better, coughing much less. Unfortunately this morning, she yurked her breakfast breastmilk all over both of us because of a bad coughing fit. Once more, I am closely monitoring the situation. No fever, and she is sleeping and eating okay.

I just want everyone well again. Oh, that, and if the sun would deign us with an appearance, that would be nice.

Go Read Something Funny

Because I haven’t the energy to blog more about our sickness. Although I would like to say if there were monetary reward for snot, we would be billionaires between what my husband is coughing up and what is coming out of my nose. Even Bun would have a few thousand dollars we could sock away for college.

Dooce explains why a family bed wouldn’t work for her family. (This link is so funny I cried.)
Stephanie teaches her daughter about real life messages.
Misfit Hausfrau learns about mermaid breasts.
Nigel explains why he paints.

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