Who Needs a Gym Membership?

Work Out

I have a two year old. This means, especially as the weather improves, that I can simply get exercise by cutting her loose.

One night, we did about 20 laps around my first floor. “Run, Mommy,” Monkey exhorts me. And we run and run and run around and around.

Last night after dinner, Monkey and I went outside. We spent most of the time running up and down my in-laws’ back yard. Down the yard to the “plant”, a crappy planter with dead grass in it. “Wook at the pwant.” Dutiful looking ensues. On the way back up the yard, we must fall at least three times. (I’m pretty sure the first time we fell, Monkey tripped. But when I “fell” too, it became part of the game.) As my in-laws backyard has a gentle slope, this became quite a thigh-burning workout. At the top of the yard, we sat briefly on the steps to the deck. Then down the yard again. At least ten times, maybe fifteen.

And this after the morning mall walk. That’s right, yesterday for the first time, I walked the mall, with Bun slumbering peacefully in her stoller. I think each lap is a 1/2 mile. So I walked a mile-and-a-half yesterday morning! Exciting to finally get some exercise. It’s not about the weight. Don’t hate me, but I am already to my pre-pregnancy weight. Now, it’s all about getting toned back up, and regaining some stamina.

I know I will need to do more than run and play with Monkey or mall-walk a couple times a week to truly gain muscle tone, but I’ve at least made a start.

I love spring.


This is what I want, and what I will be looking for in the next month (and beyond) — I really would like to be working consistently by the end of April: I want a writing position. I want to go into the office twice a week, from 7:30-8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If there is work I do not complete at that time, I will finish it at home. So maybe working about 20 hours a week (including some weekend hours — I think this would be unavoidable).

I cannot do the full-time, stay-at-home mommy thing. I love my girls, and I like being able to run to the store and/or do laundry during the week. My home is definitely cleaner now than it was when I was working full-time. But I am, for the most part, pretty bored. Of course, I would be less bored if I actually kept Monkey at home with me, but we’ve kept her in day care three days a week (and my in-laws have her one day, too). Anticipating my return to work.

I also cannot do the full-time work and full-time mommy thing. Because make no mistake: they are both full time. I would break. DearDR is not home most evenings and I refuse to work all day long to come home to feeding/entertaining/bathing and getting into bed the children by my lonesome. I would be stressed and overwhelmed, and there is no sense in doing that to myself, my children or my DearDR.

I miss writing as work. I want to write to make money. I liked my job, and I would like to continue my relationship with the company. I don’t know if they’ll go for this part-time/work-at-home thing, even temporarily. But if they don’t, it’s possible someone else will.

I will have to pump my milk for Bun. Bun will have to spend some time in day care. I think it would be an even trade, though, in the long run.

Wish me luck!

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