Random Thoughts: The Insert Blog Post Here II Edition

1. I want to write something, I really do.

2. I am so tired. For good reasons: Sick kids waking me, keeping me up. For a reason: Kate coming into bed with me for a week at 5 a.m. like clockwork. For no reason: 3:30 a.m. insomnia. String a couple of weeks together like this. You get a little zombified.

3. M wanted nothing to do with daycare this morning. Nope, no way, Jose, no thank you, NO NO NO. He didn’t want me to change his diaper; he didn’t want to put on clothes; he didn’t want to put on socks, shoes, or a jacket. He didn’t want to go outside; he didn’t want to go for a car ride with mommy. He wanted to bring ALL THE TOYS. (I let him bring a bag of Little People, although we had another meltdown when he had to leave them in the car.) He did not want to play with his friends, and he definitely didn’t want mommy to leave.

That was one of the toughest drop offs EVER.

4. Weekend: Housewarming party tonight (the girls and I are going); two birthday parties on Saturday (Kate’s friends, one at 11 a.m., one at 5 p.m.); a grown-up dinner out with friends on Sunday night.

I thought we “lost an hour” this weekend, but the time change is *next* Sunday at 2 a.m. So, uh, that’s good I guess.

5. I, in very basic terms, described sexual intercourse to Flora last night. I have got to stop letting her watch me change M’s diaper.

I don’t mind talking to my children about their bodies, or about how babies are made, or where babies come from. It’s just that I never *plan* these conversations. So while I’m thinking, “This is okay. You’re being a good mom for talking to her openly about this stuff”, I’m also simultaneously trying not to: a) hyperventilate, b) giggle, c) give Flora more information than she needs.

I’m patting myself on the back for stopping myself before I explained what an erection was.

6. We were listening to the radio on the way home last night, and NPR did a story about the passage of VAWA (THANK YOU, FINALLY, CONGRESS), and there was a clip of a woman senator (which, I’m sorry I can’t recall her name) who was very impassioned about including provisions for *all* women, and she mentioned rape. A couple of times. And I winced, but let it stand — didn’t go for the volume on the radio, or try to suddenly change the subject. Flora, glancing over at me after a moment of silence, said, “She used a bad word, didn’t she?”

I said, “No, she didn’t use a bad word, Flora. But she was talking about something very horrific.”

“What’s horrific mean?”

“I means something awful and violent.”


And that conversation stopped there.

7. Gah, people. This talking to your kids thing is hard.

8. Speaking of Congress, and I will try to keep this as short as possible: Sequestration happens now, and I just — my head wanted to catch on fire whenever I heard members of Congress talk about it on the radio (which is where I get my news, I think I mentioned that recently) because instead of anything being solved or suggested by anyone (and I mean on either side of the aisle) it was a giant blame game, and I wanted to just yell.

Instead, I (and a lot of people like me, I’m guessing) will be holding my breath, waiting to see how directly this affects my life, and when.

What’s got you on edge this week?

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Insert Blog Post Here II Edition

  1. I could not plan ours, either. I promised myself that the Other Mother or their dad would talk about sex, only to find out that he was NEVER EVER going to mention sex and will pretend to become suddenly deaf if they ask about it. So about the time my niece informed me that my son’s girlfriend was sexually active I found myself having a conversation I never meant to have. I’m sure I told you how that went before, but the thing that amazed me was how comfortable my kids were talking to me about it. I think I went into Dissociative Therapist Mode and dealt with it pretty well, but both boys were just fine asking all sorts of things I didn’t talk about with my mother when I was 30. They already know the ‘birds and bees’ parts, so we talked about what it means emotionally and whether or not “physically good” is the same as “good sex”. I’m glad they even thought to talk about it.

    • Oh, yeah, Dan is appalled that I keep having these conversations (NOT MY FAULT! SHE’S A VERY CURIOUS CHILD!). I haven’t dealt with the emotional (or moral) issues yet. We are well-grounded in facts, and I’m good with that for now.

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