Progress Report

It’s been a month or so since I made Focus my word of the year, and frankly, I’m not very impressed with myself.

Here it is Wednesday, and this is my first post this week.

Also, I’ve started this post four times now. Over two days.

Maybe Flora and my husband are not the only ones with attention deficit issues.

Anyhoo, it’s already over a month since I wrote my ├╝ber-list. I haven’t started on the big projects yet (which is fine), but I have managed to start incorporating a couple of little things.

I am having more fun as a mother. Mileage varies. But when I focus on how I want to respond to my kids, I can generally steer away from frustration, exasperation, or yelling. I can channel energy into something that will make us all laugh, or find a way to make a chore less onerous (a big one: timed cleaning contests!). It’s far less stressful, even when things need to happen (cleaning, time outs, homework, practice).

Yes, I still yell, and yes, I still get annoyed. But already less so than I used to.

I am behind on my non-fiction reading. In one improvement, though, I am trying to make visits to the library a weekly or semi-monthly event. I need to print out the list of non-fiction suggestions, and start requesting those. Although my next non-fiction book should be about dealing with a fractious middle child. Kate and I are currently locked in a vicious cycle of “even negative attention is attention”. Hence, yelling. I may need help on this one.

Exercise continues to prove challenging due to time constraints. I walk a little more, and the kids and I can rock the kitchen dance party. I really need to find a way to tone some muscles and have a routine. The never-ending challenge.

I have also done well getting more fruits and vegetables. Which sounds somewhat ridiculous maybe — I’m a flipping vegetarian who gets a farm share (when it’s active). But I got lazy about salads, and about prepping vegetables in general, and I was hardly eating any fruit (winter is lousy for produce in my part of the world). I’ve been getting better, though, making salads more often, steaming beans and/or broccoli (Kate has rediscovered her love for broccoli), and eating apples and oranges. And raw carrots with hummus. So, yeah.

Still, lots of work to do, lots of habits to continue to develop. I’ve also done badly with Lent — I’ve read a few Slate articles, and played around in the comments. Although instead of wasting hours away, I only waste minutes, like 15 at a time. I consider that an improvement.

What are you doing well these days?