Back to the Drawing Board

I would like to be spending the day quietly at home, cleaning, eating, watching football.

Instead I’m running around like a maniac to do all the things that I simply don’t have time to do during the week.

Clothes shopping, Target shopping, brow waxing. I have to fit everything in before 5 p.m. because we’re having dinner with Dan’s parents.

At least I don’t have to fit “cooking dinner” into the schedule.

And I’m only squeezing this in because this is one of my commitments this month. One blog post, every day.

I have already exercised, showered, and churched for today. I had another post planned, but this is all I got time for.

Dashing off now. See you again tomorrow. If you haven’t yet, check out the comments on yesterday’s post. Each of them captured something of my feeling, and I really like Stacia point of view, coming from another country on this anniversary.


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