Random Thoughts: The Head-Spinning Edition

Well, that was fun. Civil disagreement, uncivil disagreement, misunderstandings, hugs, and a lot of interesting views. Thanks.

What shall I tackle next? The End of Men? Are “men finished“? What about men and women moving between spheres? Are women the new men?

What about peanut butter? Smooth or crunchy? What about organic peanut butter?

I prefer to buy organic peanut butter because it usually has two ingredients (peanuts, salt). Organic peanut butter drives Dan batshit crazy.

As you may or may not know, organic peanut butter tends to separate, with the oil coming up to the top. Before you use it, you have to stir it and reincorporate the oil.

Dan hates doing that. I will admit, the process can be messy when opening a new jar. Oil can slop out and run down the sides; it’s oily, messy, sometimes sticky, a PITA.

But it’s not exactly the end of the world.

Usually, once mixed together and refrigerated, the peanut butter stays mixed.

So I keep buying organic PB. And Dan keeps bitching about it.

Some things never do change.

Although, I did buy this last week for a temporary reprieve:

So there.

What’s your favorite controversy this week?