Return to Form

I’ve finally decided that I would start exercising again. I would like to be in shape for my sister’s wedding.

It’s nice to be naturally skinny — it is in the genes — but it is challenging to get back into shape with three kids and a full time job.

I started yesterday morning with a low-key workout that is supposed to incorporate my child. Michael was not 100 percent cooperative with my efforts. Kate and Flora were also less than helpful, criticizing my form and more-or-less being in the way. But I’ve been bitching about being out of shape for a long time. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

So, yesterday I did all the moves, and now my lower body (particularly my gluts and the backs of my thighs) are feeling quite sore. I am in worse shape than I thought.

I can’t wait to do an upper body workout. /sarcasm

The other challenge, of course, is exercising without losing weight (and everyone hates me now for being able to type that sentence). I need to build muscle and muscle tone.

But, it’s begun. I live about 3 minutes from a trail, so eventually — say next spring — I’d like to be able to start running. It’s going to take an early-morning commitment to keep this up. But it’s out there now, and I’ve started. I have more to gain by holding myself accountable than I do by not continuing.