Due to Circumstances Beyond My Control

I pulled the plug on our Seven Springs vacation at 6:05 a.m. Sunday. I looked helplessly at my husband, my still crying/hiccoughing 18-month-old against my body, and said, “I can’t do this for three more days. We’re going home.”

For all the delight and love our children inspire in us, it should be told that they can suck the joy out of vacation faster than a Dyson can vacuum.

We had the audacity to schedule our family vacation the same week that Bun decided to cut her 2-year-old molars. Which pretty much added up to no sleep and no relaxation for mommy. I decided that if I couldn’t have my vacation, I was going home to not have it.

You know that whine that your child has? That one that goes straight to the middle of your head, makes you crazy? Yeah, that one. Bun had that starting Friday morning. Considering that whine and the fight that DearDR and I had in our driveway as we were getting ready to pull out, I should have just pulled the plug right there.

It was great to see my family. My parents had a good time with their grandchildren (except for the heartbroken and pained crying and screaming that Bun engaged in). My extended family is doing all right — as well as can be expected with jobs and kids and retirement and aging parents — the usual extended family stuff.

But I was so happy to come home on Sunday. I did cry as I was leaving, because I had wanted a vacation, dammit. Also, I felt pretty selfish taking the kids home when my parents are going to be at Seven Springs for another week. Additionally, Bun did not get a long nap (for the third day in a row) on the way home, and due to her whining and my utter exhaustion, I did not get to go to Eve’s baptism and a birthday party. Thank goodness DearDR took Monkey. It saved me, barely.

Today the kids are at daycare. My “stay”-cation consists of cleaning and a little reading, and I’m good with that. In exactly 10 days, I get to go to Girlie Weekend.

Know the rules of Girlie Weekend? “No boys and no babies.” That’s a good rule. I can hang on for 10 days.

In the meantime, Bun’s room needs a thorough decluttering. At least it’s quiet around here.

2 thoughts on “Due to Circumstances Beyond My Control

  1. Ugh, sorry you had to cut your vacation short. It sounds like you made the right choice. I hope your “stay”-cation was good today! I don’t enjoy cleaning much, but there is nothing like some quiet time with a book in my opinion.

  2. That stinks! Of course there really is no such thing as “vacation” when you have children under the age of..o, say…18.

    I feel your pain, friend.

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