Top 10 Things I Learned Girlie Weekend

10. Telling your 3-and-a-half-year-old that you have to go get her present is a good way to have her forgive you in advance for leaving for three days and three nights (hence the importance of the horses). I asked Monkey what kind of present she wanted from Mommy’s vacation. We decided on a stuffed horse (not coincidentally). “Where is it, Mommy?” she asked. “I have to go get it,” I told her. This seemed to appease her.

9. (Okay, I kind of already knew this, but): Not having to make decisions for anyone else for a few days is lovely. The biggest decisions we faced: should we shop or go to the beach first? Where shall we eat? What will I have to drink? Can I finish this book before I go to bed? And none of those decisions were based someone’s melt-down point. (Well, L did need sustenance suddenly on Saturday afternoon, but I am fairly certain she was not going to throw herself on the ground and start screaming about it.)

8. Beet, chickpea, and pistachio salad is very tasty. Figs with gorgonzola, balsamic syrup, and walnuts is exceptional. Wild mushrooms in a brandy cream sauce with rosemary on crostini is heavenly. (Here’s a PDF of lupo di mare‘s menu.) Not having to fix or eat mac ‘n’ cheese or PB&J: priceless.

7. I suck at the horse ride game at Brigadoon. A, J, & L are such pros; they won multiple horses each. Monkey and Bun say, “Thanks!” (In a unique twist, Monkey has named her horse “Bun”. Bun’s horse is called “Wagoness”.)

6. When you take two showers a day, you need the requisite amount of underwear. (I told them I was standing in for Angel and the red panties.)

5. The best way to enjoy Grotto Pizza is on the beach with your girlfriends and a 32-ounce pop (soda for those of you not in southwestern Pennsylvania).

4. I won the in-law lottery.

3. I would like to vacation in Rehoboth Beach with my husband and daughters.

2. Three days and three nights is the perfect amount of time — I got to relax, and by Sunday I was looking forward to returning home and being with DearDR, Monkey, and Bun.

1. As J says, “Girlie Weekend is like Christmas,” i.e. it only comes once a year — but it comes every year! It is a lot less stressful and expensive than Christmas, though.