Random Thoughts: The First-World Problems Edition

1. When this story hit my social media streams yesterday, I had a very mom-guilt reaction. After all, I had taken acetaminophen during pregnancy — I was told it was safe. But now this study is showing a correlation between acetaminophen use in pregnancy and ADHD in children.

Which would explain a lot about my sweet yet flighty (at times) children.

Reading through the news article, though, I realize a lot more study needs to be done. So I’m going to go back to blaming Flora’s attention issues on genetics (i.e. her dad’s genes).

You’re welcome.

2. We are taking the children to the wedding reception up in Erie for my cousin. The reception is basically dinner at a nice country club.

I have a son who only wears “soft” pants (i.e. sweatpants). I foresee a problem with this.

3. Of course, I have to decide what to wear, too. I think I’m going to go with a fancy dress and high-high heels. This way, I can make Dan chase the children.

4. I should also find a way to do the girls’ hair. Braids for Flora and curls for Kate? It’s a pity I was given two girls with such pretty hair. I have no idea to do with their hair — I have no idea to do with my hair most of the time, so it’s not a mystery. Flora barely likes pony tails, which I make her wear for soccer. Although she does occasionally like being fancy. Maybe we can figure something out.

5. I need new bras. I hate bra shopping. Especially as it’s not really something you should do over the Internet. Mine are old, and they probably shrunk in the wash, and now I need to go get measured — a uniquely humbling experience. I’ve long made my peace with the fact that I have very small boobs. They managed to breastfeed all of my children (for a few months), and my husband never, ever complains.

I would consider ditching the bras altogether, but it seems to me they are necessary in some settings (i.e. at work) and/or with some outfits. So.

6. My MIL must have gotten bleach on my purple jeans, and they are ruined. Should I say something to her, or just suck it up? I still have green jeans!

Got any first-world problems today, reader?

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The First-World Problems Edition

  1. I am flying to Charleston, SC tomorrow for a girls’ weekend (yay! get me out of the snow!) and I did not have time to color my hair. The grey roots need a touch up. I know, I know…first world problem; I’m not going to let it stress me. I’m annoyed that I am spending any brain power thinking about it at all. I’m scrambling with work and home logistics to be able to make a clean get-away.

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