Random Thoughts: The I Miss My Blog Edition

1. I asked for a raise! So that’s one thing already crossed off my uber-list for 2014. I want to tell you ALL about it. And I will, just not today.

2. I have two projects in the works that involve writing not for my job or for my blog, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them too. Later, though.

3. One of my friends is an absolute genius, GENIUS I tell you, and I can’t wait to tell you all about her idea for me and Kate and how to regulate Kate’s behavior — well, to help Kate learn to regulate her own behavior.

3b. All of my friends are pretty damn smart, I just want to add that here. Probably most of them are even geniuses in their own right. I just need to tell you about this one woman. Some day soon.

4. In two days, I took two children (M and Kate) to the doctor, and ended up with four prescriptions and two referrals to the ENT for them. M for ear issues again; Kate for evaluation of her tonsils and adenoids to see if those need to go. I’m sure there’s a whole story there, too.

5. The other child of mine ended up with a low-grade fever and has been home from school since about noon yesterday.

6. I won’t bitch about the winter weather. I grew up in Erie; it’s cold; it snows. I’m not fond of the extreme temps, but who is? What I do not like about this time of the year is how all this cold and snow coops up kids and germs, and everyone gets sick, and everyone gets stir crazy. That’s what’s hard about this time of year. The days are getting longer, and now when we get home, I let my kids tromp around outside in the cold for a little bit. I figure it’ll do them some good to get even just 5-10 minutes of fresh air.

7. My in-laws are in Florida again, and I am relearning how much time laundry takes. Do not like.

8. So many things, so much to do, many things I want to tell you. I need to start carving time out for this space again.

Writing should be like love: Infinite. Although I use so many words daily in my career, there are always more words.

Time is a little trickier.

What do you need more of right now?