I shouldn’t make promises when it comes to what may appear at this site, especially when it comes to content and/or weekends.

The pony videos are on my husband’s laptop, to which I rarely have access. So come on back tomorrow for those. Or Monday. Or, just, you know, later.

Instead, it is a regularly scheduled program of cleaning, shopping, and kid-rearing around here today. Nothing is going especially well. But my toenail polish is shiny!

I have approximately 40 minutes until “quiet” time is over. Better get to it — my parents are due in a couple of hours, and the house is a wreck, as per usual.

I know that cleaning isn’t necessarily the highest priority in my life right now. My daughters are; my relationship with my husband is.

Two things: First, there is a certain amount of acceptable clutter. My house isn’t dirty, but the clutter is WAY over the acceptable level. And, really, I should wipe down those bathroom surfaces. It’s just polite.

Second, the state of my house — the unbelievably cluttered, overrun state of our combined stuff — is affecting my relationships with the other dwellers. My husband and I pick at each other — him: “What’s all over the stovetop?”; me “Why the heck can’t you get your socks in a conveniently located laundry basket?” We are not comfortable in several of the rooms because we are surrounded by things that need homes. We are uncomfortable having guests, even our parents, even when they are here to see the children and not the house.

A house just looks nicer when you can see the floor, I think. I’m not going for spotless (sorry, DearDR), but neat? Neat I could live with. And I don’t think I would miss out on anything more important.

3 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. oh boy do I feel your pain! and it is a constant struggle between spending quality time with the kids (and having fun! or at least trying) and trying not to notice the HOURS of straightening and organizing that need to be done. and then try to find time to relax and do something for yourself. its a constant battle.

    Today, I let A.Boy do what he loves on a rainy day…play video games, A.Girl was napping… while I FINALLY put away laundry/summer clothes and WINTER clothes that have been sitting on my cedar chest since APRIL! And I have to say, it was time well spent. and I feel better.

    and there is a point where the clutter causes more stress. I finally decided I just can’t take it anymore. now I can at least vacuum my bedroom floor!

    Good Luck! Maybe you can bring a babysitter in house for a couple hours, or ship the girls to grandparents? Just starting somewhere will help! an adult beverage or two can help relieve some of the drudgery:)

  2. I believe it has been scientifically proven that men’s dirty socks can asexually reproduce. Or maybe sexually, I wouldn’t want to watch to find out. If there isn’t yet scientific proof, the evidence is at our house. The thesis wouldn’t be difficult.

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