That’s a Switch

Monkey has gone from being terrified of bugs to terrorizing them.

She picks up ants. Have you even seen an ant that’s been picked up by a 4-and-a-half year old? Poor thing is usually half squished and twitching. If she manages to not squish it, she declares that she is naming it Andy and bringing it home to be her pet.

I’ve told her we will get her an ant farm (for Christmas or her birthday, of course), but I’m not sure I can take the guilt of a greater number of damaged ants until then. She wants to pick up every ant she sees.

This past weekend, she also picked on a little white caterpillar, and in attempting to transport it from our front porch to a tree, dropped it in a bucket of water by accident. The caterpillar dragged itself out of the water, so it didn’t drown at least.

But a water-logged caterpillar is even more pathetic than a squished ant.

The other thing she did recently? Trapped a potato bug in a bucket with a lid. Declared it was her pet. I forgot to go back and let the thing out. That’ll haunt me.

I guess the alternative is worse. Unless she ends up bringing ants into my house. That will make for a very unhappy mama.

Weekend Update:
I cannot say enough nice things about my Spa Day with J and A at this place.

Just. Wow. Just go. Get your favorite girlfriends, your significant other, your mom — anyone, really — and head to Bedford. It’s less than two hours away, and spa services come with a luxurious Eternal Spring bath ritual that will almost make that massage redundant. It’s like a facial for your whole body.

In short, it was lovely. Much needed. A nice time with great friends. Next time, I want it to last longer!