No Good News

Bun is sick — yes, I know, AGAIN — with some unspecified virus. She is feverish and congested, so maybe a cold. But I don’t know that a cold sends temperatures soaring over 103, as happened last night. With ibuprophen and a cold washcloth to the forehead, things came down to a less worrisome range.

She ate a whole piece of bread with jelly this morning, which is a good sign. And she’s still drinking lots. We’re just waiting for the fever to go away and stay away.

In an attempt to find out why Bun is always sick, I surfed around on the ‘net last night — a dicey proposition, I know. The sites I saw were more discouraging than scary though. Kids at Bun’s age just tend to get a lot of bugs due to immature immune systems. If they are in a daycare setting especially. And my girls go to a clean daycare, with lots of hand sanitizing and washing going on. It’s just… not the best of luck I guess.

I am seriously starting to be concerned for my job. I burned through another vacation day — I have no more sick time — to stay home with Bun yesterday, and I don’t know what I have left. And it’s only September. You can bet I’m looking at more sick days for my kids; it’s likely that Monkey will have at least one ear infection. I’m kind of hoping she dodges whatever Bun has now. I’m not exactly holding by breath.

I am feeling tired and sluggish, kind of headachy myself. I am just hoping that is due to poor sleep last night, and not the beginning of my own illness. Being cooped up in the house for the second day in a row isn’t really helping. I’m hoping that once DearDR comes home, I can at least get out for a little bit this evening. I don’t care if it’s just to wander around Target for an hour. Monkey is feeling cabin feverish, too; I promised her an outing tonight or tomorrow. I was hoping to go to the Irish Festival, or catch some RADical Days action today. No such luck.

Well, if this isn’t just about the least interesting blog post I’ve ever written, then I don’t know what is. I’m feeling gray, and it’s showing. I hope things brighten up in the next couple of days. Ciao for now.

Blogging Mommy Fail

Yesterday was Monkey’s first day of school. I forgot to mention that.

I do not have a picture of her in her first-day-of-school outfit. I forgot to leave her backpack out for her, so she came home with a bunch of stuff in a plastic grocery bag. I did not take her to school as I was out of the house by 7:15 yesterday morning. Frankly, I haven’t even done any back-to-school shopping for the tyke yet. Yes, I am aware that it’s September.

I know that as a blogger who often writes about her kids, I have been remiss. I didn’t even Twitter about Monkey’s first day! I will take my hand slap and move right along if that’s okay. Maybe I should write more about politics (ha!).

I did, however, remember to pack Monkey a snack with a drink. And pay her tuition. So there’s that.

Monkey has been asking when she was going back to St. J’s for a month now. She was so excited to see her teachers. The other day she said to me, “St. J’s is the funnest school ever. And Day School is the boringest.” I laughed a little. “Monkey, you have a good time at Day School with all your friends there.” “Yeah,” she sighed. “I do. But I can’t wait to go back to St. J’s.”

When I picked her up from Day School yesterday, she was excited. “It was my first day at school!” she yelled. She showed me the picture she colored, of Jesus (she kept referring to him as God — technically not incorrect. We start early with Catholic indoctrination ’round these parts) and told me about the book they read.

It was The Monster at the End of this Book. I loved that book as a kid, and I wonder if my parents still have it. As per her penchant for superlatives, Monkey declared, “It’s my favoritest book ever!”

Also, she saved two muffins from her snack, and shared them with Bun on the way home. It was so sweet.

I’m glad Monkey is excited about school. I will probably have to remind her about this when she’s in high school.

Random Thoughts: A Baker’s Dozen

1. DearDR is bound and determined to lease a car. We talked it to death this weekend — when we started talking to each other again — and it’s just what is going to happen. He made some very good points that were backed up by research, so I’m all: “Go to it.” We should *fingers crossed* have a new-ish car this weekend.

2. Monkey lately has been Li’l Miss Malaprop. When she gets a boo-boo, she asks if it’s going to “bleet”. Today in the car, she asked what extinct meant (they’re talking about dinosaurs in preschool). I explained that it meant there weren’t any left. “Like the dinosaurs,” I said.”They aren’t any dinosaurs alive.”

“Yay!” she yelled in the back seat. “Dinosaurs aren’t allowed!”

3. Holy cats! They are talking about dinosaurs in preschool! What’s up with that? May be time for a trip to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

4. In addition to watching Mamma Mia! this weekend, I watched Stardust. What a great little movie! I loved the book — I love Neil Gaiman’s writing — and I’m so glad the movie was enjoyable. If your tastes run to The Princess Bride or Harry Potter or the Narnia movies (I’m looking at you, N), you won’t be disappointed.

5. Not having a washer at my disposal stinks. DearDR, in addition to finding that car this weekend, has to fix that hose. I hope it’s just the hose leaking.

6. Anyone have experience baking with a preschooler? Monkey and I made pretty good chocolate chocolate chip cookies on our snow day, but it felt very challenging to me: “Don’t put your fingers in the batter. Don’t pick your nose and then touch the spoon. Wash your hands again. No, you can’t have more chocolate chips.” Am I doing something wrong??

7. I am not the most confident of bakers in any case. I love to cook — I should really get back to Meatless Monday around here, try some new recipes. But baking is not a strong point of mine. And, no, I did not bake from scratch. Monkey opened a box of Jiffy Devil Food cake mix at my in-laws while we were staying there, and I had to do something with it.

8. I am pretty sure that the only reason Monkey wanted to help me bake cookies was to lick the spoon.

9. My driveway is a sheet of ice. I have to solve this problem, if not this year, then before the first snowfall next year. I am thinking of looking around for a plowing service. In the meantime, I think DearDR and I need to get a ton of sand and/or kitty litter.

10. There was a flock of 31 turkeys in my front yard and driveway the other day. And a turkey slipping on ice? Is pretty funny looking.

11. DearDR wants to do something for Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day.

12. And, yes, that may have something to do with Dave M dumping me on Valentine’s Day in sixth grade.

13. So, what should we do?

The Same Dang Post the Rest of You Are Writing

Especially if you have one starting school for the first time. Even if it’s just preschool.

DearDR took this picture. With the digital camera that has a shorted-out flash. I’m not sure why he didn’t get her feet, or took it from so far away.

But check out that pose.

I think she’s going to be fine.


Bun waited in the driveway for Monkey to get out of the car. But Monkey was not getting out of the car.

“Fo-wa,” said Bun. Pause. “Fo-wa?”

“Come on,” said Mom-mom. They walked to the front door of DCL. Mom-mom gave Bun a hug.

But no Fo-wa.

Oh well, there were lots of toys to play with, all the same.

Wake-Up Call

I went for the fourth cup of coffee this morning. I have been successful to cutting down to three cups — I was actually toying with the idea of starting to go to half regular and half decaf. Not today.

Why is it that my children can blissfully sleep in until 7:30 or 8 o’clock on the weekends (sometimes even 8:30)? But during the week, they wake up five minutes before my alarm goes off??

This morning, Bun was screaming at 5:25 a.m. Binky replacement and a little rocking got her back to dozing at least. However, in the meantime, Monkey had awoken and was now perched on the edge of my bed. I got her to lay down, but snooze time was lost to elbows, knees, and deep sighs.

I am seriously dragging here. I am trying to get to work around 7 a.m. for the next week or so. I have a lot of details to take care of to get Monkey all set for school, so I’m trying to leave around 3:30 in the afternoons. Yesterday it was her varicella vaccination (that’s chickenpox to you and me) and school supply shopping (let’s see if those supplies actually stay out of Monkey’s hands for a week. I’m betting against it). Tomorrow it’s a visit to the new daycare.

In the meantime I have to clean my house, because my brother, sister-in-law, and their three boys are staying the weekend there with my children. This is good, though, because DearDR and I are celebrating our anniversary — not in our house! (Honestly, our plans are so very lame, I’m not going to even mention them.)

I will get sleep this weekend. I hope I make it to then!


Okay, I keep hoping my camera will be resurrected. In the meantime, what would you suggest I get? I would like some inexpensive, user-friendly options, but you can go ahead and tell me what you would buy if price were no object, too. (Price is definitely an “object” — a big, fat obstacle-type object.)