Random Thoughts: The We’re Outta Here Edition

Vacation starts at 4 p.m. today.

Flora has been out of her mind with excitement for a week now. I’ve had to channel her energy into many constructive projects: Arts and crafts to give to Nonna and Pap-pap! Packing the toy bag for the car and condo! Today I have the sitter helping them put clothes aside for the trip. I had to put the kibosh on the TWO LAUNDRY BASKETS OF STUFFED ANIMALS she and Kate wanted to bring with them.

We’re going for five days, kid, not moving there.


Thanks to Holly at Eyetique in the Robinson Mall, I have contact lenses for vacation.

Thanks to Van Salon in Sewickley, I managed to fit in a bikini wax as well.

I never did get around to a pedicure though. I’ll have to polish the piggies tonight after the kids are in bed.


Somewhat on a side note: Finding a new place to get waxed is a big, giant PITA.

For the longest time, Ulta was up at the Pointe; they had Sunday hours, and I could get lip, brows, and bikini line waxed all in one appointment without worrying about childcare (Dan could handle it). The aestheticians were great, too, friendly, skilled, appropriate.

But then they moved, and got rid of the private waxing room. Now, if you want your brows done, they do it in the middle of the store at the Brow Bar. I am not a fan. And, obviously, they aren’t going to do bikini line waxes there.

So I started getting my brows and lip done at a place near work. It’s only a five minute drive away.

Well, I scheduled my last bikini wax there as well, thinking, “One stop shop!”

Not so much. The aesthetician was a horror of a bikini waxer. Too much wax, all over the place, and she left bruises.

Bikini waxing should not leave bruises, people.

So I took to Twitter, seeing if people had recommendations. Someone mentioned Van Salon, and with a little assistance from my ILs, I got there on Saturday. (They had to watch the kids for about 45 minutes.) Van Salon is a lovely little salon/spa in Sewickley, and I plan to go back to take advantage of their facials and maybe a pedicure some time, too. They have great hours, too — open late on the weekdays, and 9 to 5 on Saturday.


Our vacation experience with kids has been somewhat uneven. Let’s face it, it screws with the kids’ schedules and routines in a big way. I’m hoping Michael does better this year than last, when he woke every night, and was up between 3 and 6 a.m., wanting nothing more than to sleep on me.

I’m less worried about the girls, although I do hope they don’t get too run down between EXCITEMENT and exhaustion. Fingers crossed!


Have a great week. I’ll probably be tweeting poolside on occasion, but I’m mostly going to swim & play with the kids, nap (I hope), and read crappy books. Yay!