I am thankful for the little physical beings of my children in the world. Their clear brows and bright eyes and shiny hair. I am thankful for good health. (Knock on wood.)


I am thankful for the man I share all these riches with.


I am thankful for sane families. We’re not perfect, but we are all perfectly fine. I don’t have to dread anything except bad traveling weather at the holidays.


I would like to be thankful for my new bathroom, but in the meantime, I will be thankful that I have to cross a few feet of grass in the mornings to get a shower.


I am thankful for in-laws who clean my kitchen floor, and parents who come down to help me get ready for parties.


I am thankful for blog readers and commenters and Twitter friends. I am thankful for all my friends IRL, too. I hope we all get to raise a glass together over the holiday season, even if it’s just at the same time and not necessarily the same place.


And I am thankful for conversations like this:

Kate: That’s Liam. He was Batman. We didn’t actually kiss, no, no.
Me: You know you’re not allowed to kiss anyone not in your family, right?
Kate: Right. For now. I can when I’m older. When people have boyfriends and girlfriends.
Me: Sure. When you’re older.
Kate: Like 10.
Me: Like 16.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Stay safe, stay sane, and give thanks for the little things.

Project Food Budget: Weeks 12 and 13

Food Budget Piggybank

As I expected, we ate out quite a bit over the holidays, to the tune of more than twice our usual budget: about $125. Of course, as I had expected we would do that (mama didn’t cook very much because of traveling for Christmas), I had actually budgeted for that.

There were odds and ends at the grocery store to get, mostly convenience food — and coffee. I went with no ground coffee in my house for almost five days. It was torture. Between Giant Eagle and Target, spent $114.97.

Monday we made a Costco run for stuff I will need to pack lunches again next week. That came in at $153.82.

Other purchases included wine and beer (not including the port wine I gave to Dan for Christmas — it was a theme gift; he also got a decanter, port wine slippers, or pipes, and a book on port) at $58, and a CSA pickup, which is costing $34 a box this winter.

Looking ahead, I have a grocery list for some New Year’s Day cooking I plan to do and another state store run for champagne and possibly some Grand Marnier. There’s a Maker’s Mark cocktail (one of my Christmas gifts from Dan) I want to try, also for New Year’s Day.

Grocery store should come in around $200, and (providing my husband behaves himself) state store shouldn’t be more than $50.

I’m doing some good cooking over the weekend, plus trying a couple new cocktails, so I will have plenty of foodie fodder for next week.

Let’s see how the holidays were for everyone else!

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