Weekend Recap: With Pictures!

I know, I know: it’s Thursday.

But this is what I got.

From Saturday:
Wedding Party

Some of Us Girls (That’s Misfit Hausfrau on the right)

Bride and Groom: First Dance

From Sunday:

“What Chocolate Bunny?”

“These are not the Chocolate-Eating Droids You’re Looking For.”

Dry Clothes I

Dry Clothes II

Random Thoughts: Weekend Highlights

Some nice things happened this weekend. It didn’t all suck.

* We had a lovely dinner with my husband’s partner and his wife on Saturday night. It was very relaxing, and the food — wow. I need to get this woman’s recipe for black beans and Cuban rice. They are a nice couple — in so many ways like my parents, and yet in so many ways different. It will be fun getting to know them better.

* Because of Monkey’s insistence upon eating at Bella’s on Sunday, Bun and I had a couple of hours to ourselves. This never happens, and it was actually very nice to hang out with my very sweet and very funny second daughter when she wasn’t terrorizing her older sister. We sat on the couch together during the opening minutes of the Steelers’ game, reading books. After three books, Bun apparently decided that I was not going to disappear on her, and was content to play on her own.

* I got done eleventy seven million loads of laundry. Including the folding. Although not the putting away. I’ll just chip away at that as the week wears on.

* When Bun saw the Mrs. T’s box (Sunday’s dinner: veggie chili and pierogies), she said the word, “Pierogi.” I am not kidding, and I am not exaggerating. And then she kept saying it — “I want pierogi; more pierogi; pierogi, pierogi” — and tried to eat a frozen one.

* We went over to Bella’s house at half-time. Watching a Steelers’ game on a 64″ television screen in HD is quite an experience.

* While at Bella’s Bun came up to me with her sippy cup. She climbed in my lap, handed me the cup, and said, “Imma baby.” She then threw herself backwards in my arms so she was lying down. And I had to “feed” her her “bottle”. Tadone and I laughed and laughed. Bun was delighted.

* Surprisingly — nay, shockingly even, given the way the game was going, the Steelers won. And fittingly enough on a defensive touchdown.

* I viewed Juno while folding laundry. What a surprisingly sweet, affective movie. I want the soundtrack. It reminds me of the greatest mix tapes I used to receive from one of my first boyfriends. A repeat viewing may be in order. And I wish that when I was in high school, there had been a Michael Cera for my RPM.

Although I guess I wasn’t an ‘M’ back then, was I? RPV, then.

Figure it out for yourself. *smile*