Oh, Fantastic

DearDR loves Looney Tunes. Since they have been coming out in sets of several DVDs, he’s been buying them (or getting them as gifts).

And lately, he’s been sharing them with the girls. (Monkey sometimes asks me if she can watch them. I tell her that is something special she and Daddy get to do together. Not because I don’t like Bugs Bunny, but I cannot take the volume in which they have to be watched. It’s a lot.)

When Monkey and he stayed home Tuesday it was a veritable glut of Looney Tunes. They make Monkey giggle, which is the cutest sound ever, and I know DearDR loves to share them with her. They are a part of his childhood that he gets to recapture through her eyes.

Or some such poetic nonsense.

Last night, I mentioned going for a walk after dinner. Monkey had another idea. It was probably the carrots we had.

“Bun, I’m going to be Bugs Bunny. And you be the other guy. And I’m going to say, ‘What’s up, doc?’ And you shoot me.”