Weekend: Over/Under, and Down

I seriously overestimated my ability to deal with four children under the age of 5 all by myself. Bella did step in at crucial moments. Such as when I broke a glass on my patio. She also took the three older ones for an hour at “rest” time. God bless her.

I also overestimated the attraction of a kiddie pool. I figured hot day + cold water = kid magnet.

Not so much.

Bun absolutely refused to go in at all (she had woken at 6 a.m. that morning, and was disinclined to be cooperative pretty much for the rest of the day).

I completely underestimated the desire of children to be outside on a hot, beautiful day, especially with the promise of a kiddie pool.

As a matter of fact, my nephew complained that the water was too cold. What?? Too cold? He asked me to “make it super hot.” Dude, it’s 90 degrees outside. I did add two buckets of hot water, as much as to appease Nephew, as see if the temperature was bugging Bun. And it still wasn’t much of a go.

Also, I overestimated the size of the pool. I thought it was easily big enough to accommodate four kids. I was wrong.

Anyway, some pics:

Nephew “taking a break” from the pool. Just before telling me it was too cold.

Empty Pool, One Niece.

Kids in Pool! Success!

Well, almost. Bun, not in pool.

Dress-up: Witch and Pumpkin (note to rpm: please think about getting a few boy dress up clothes.)

Dress-up: Dancer, Dancing.

The “Down” part of the title references DearDR’s Sunday activity, namely cutting down the half-dead tree in our yard. It took two almost-40-year-olds and two teenage boys about eight hours. No blood was shed. I don’t think anyone even got seriously bruised.

However, I cannot speak for the other almost-40, but DearDR could barely move today.

I hope some of these pictures give you a sense of scale. Suffice to say: Not a small tree. But my man had a plan, everyone followed the plan, and they took their time. And drank roughly 20 to 25 pitchers of water. And probably a couple of beers (for the almost-40s).

12:30 p.m.: All of Tree.

1 p.m.: Starting Small.

3 p.m.: Less Tree.


4:30 p.m.: All Dead Tree.

Yeah, that’s my man. He’s got tools, and he’s not afraid to use them.

6:30 p.m.: Short Tree!

7:30 p.m.: One, Two, Three.

7:32 p.m. Tree Down.

Now we just have to tear out that box and level the ground a little, plant some grass, and walla! Backyard.

Countdown to Girlie Weekend: 36 hours