Easy, Peasy, Fun

I am, like, the anti-craft. I learned how to knit a few years ago, and I liked it a lot. And the last thing I knitted was a baby blanket for Flora.

Do the math.

Recently, I was looking for gift ideas for Flora’s preschool teachers. Last year we — well, I — did a “cookie mix” in a jar thing, which the teachers seemed to really like. I was about to start looking for the book I got it from when I stumbled onto this post at Pittsburgh Girlie, and then onto this one.

And I thought, “We can do that.”

So we did.

Yeah, the lighting stinks and all, but these are super cute in person. Flora and I — together — made about 50. The 3/4″ hole punch that Beth mentions is key. They were the perfect thing for Flora and I to do while Kate napped on Sunday. We used Zip-Dry Paper Glue, so there wasn’t too much wait time for drying, and we got most of our patterns from last year’s Christmas cards. The hole punch was easy enough for Flora to use, which was a bonus. She had fun picking out pictures.

The only other thing I would add is that bold colors and graphics show up better than muted colors. Which, if I weren’t the anti-craft, I probably would have figured out. Still, they are all very cool. I have to pick out some for me to keep!

Pictures of You

I got tagged the other day by the loverly Jaysel (and you should follow that link because it shows Jaysel WITH BANGS).

The meme is fairly simple:
1. Go to the fourth picture folder on your computer.
2. Post the fourth picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag four more people.

Only I had to go ahead and make it all complicated. Because I have two computers and about 50 picture folders between them — start from the top or go in order of date? Which computer? Which photo program (HP or Picasa)?

So I went to my online gallery at Picasa from my Mac. And the fourth picture folder (going from earliest to most recent) only had one image in it.

So here’s the fourth picture from my fifth folder on Picasa. (Could I be more annoying?)

(Don’t answer that.)

This was from a little post that I called the Zen and the Art of Motherhood. That is the wand I decorated for Monkey’s fairy costume for Halloween that year. I was fully invested in arts & craps, as Monkey called it at the time.

I miss it, to be honest. We played outside in the snow a little bit today, and I realized that I miss the fun stuff with my girls these days. As I said recently, though, such is the bed I have made. I’m where I need to be, and where my family needs me to be.

Although I found out how pathetic I am at making snowmen. Sorry I didn’t get any visual evidence.

On to the tag: How about Kim Z, Misfit Hausfrau, Melissa, and Allison? Go!