Michael Timothy, 12/01/2010

I know in social media terms, Michael is already about four years old.

But considering my technical challenges (one of our computers got fried), and priorities (food, sleep, my other children), I put the blog post on hold.

And this is not his birth story. No one’s ready for that.

But here are some photos.

Two days later, and he looks completely different already.

I call this one: “And Then There Were Five”:

He was born at 4:48 a.m., weighing 6 lbs. and 10 oz., measuring 19 inches long.

He’s perfect.

And his big sisters were excited to meet him (and see Mommy).

More soon. Stories to tell, and random (sleep deprived thoughts) to share.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the prayers, well wishes, support, encouragement, baby clothes and gear. My family, Dan’s family, our friends, my Tweeps, his patients, and our co-workers. The kindness and generosity extended to us has been more extensive — and more appreciated — than I can put into words.

Welcome to the world, Michael. It’s a bright and beautiful place.

Halloween 2010

Because I promised my dad:

We carved pumpkins the Sunday before Halloween. These were our friends’ jack-o-lanterns.

These are the girls’. Dan carved Flora’s cat; I carved the ghost carrying a candelabra, at Kate’s request. Because of the size of the pumpkin, I had to freehand this. (I drew it on the pumpkin first, and then carved.) Kate was happy, and that’s all that matters.

This is the other pumpkin Dan carved, for Nephew. It turned out awesome.

On Thursday, Kate dressed for school as Minnie Mouse. No one got a picture of her. But she ripped her dress (and I still haven’t sewed it). Fortunately, I had all the stuff for a pirate costume, thanks to a co-worker, and here she is, in her glory.

Here is Flora-cat.

Here is a girl pirate hugging a cat giving the peace sign.

They trick-or-treated Thursday night with a school friend. R’s mom called me the Sunday before Halloween to see if she could take my girls around with her girls — it was a call that came out of the blue, and I sincerely cannot thank her enough. I dropped off the girls, and went home to hand out candy.

The girls had a great time, and brought home their weight in candy. I have already divested them of half of it, and donated it to my workplace. We’ll just work through the rest, one piece at a time.

Back to School 2010

Flora started kindergarten today.

I know sometimes parents talk about wanting their children to “stay little”, but I have to confess: I love that my girls are growing up. I love their independence and curiosity and outgoingness.

I’m not sad they are not little anymore. Maybe being pregnant is a part of that; maybe not. All I know is I’m excited for Flora, and I hope her love of learning and her excitement about kindergarten is sustained throughout all her school days.

The Whole Tooth

Flora lost her first tooth on Tuesday. I did actually record the event in pictures. Excuse the delay.

Note that Kate could not be left out of the picture-taking. She also threw these poses at me.

She’s a devil.

Anyhoo, the going rate in our house is $5 for the first tooth. The Tooth Fairy came through — Daddy even talked to her!

My little girl is growing up!

Snowmaggedon at the RPM Compound

A story in pictures:

We will not be using our front door until springtime. I had had it all dug out, but when the driveway finally got plowed on Monday, they buried it again.

This is the parking pad beside my house — the third time I shoveled it.

Standing in the middle of the shared driveway, looking toward my ILs’ house. This was after the first plow (Monday) and before the second plow (today).

The view the other way.

This is my car, conveniently plowed into my driveway. Thanks, Township. Thanks a lot.

For more, you can go to my Picasa album.

Miss Lily’s SpecialTeas: Photos

I wrote a review of this fun event over at Network Pittsburgh (in short: It was a hit!). For more information about what Miss Jennifer does, see her Web site.

Here are some fun photos from the tea party.

The Girls’ special stuffed friends. The bear on the far left sang “Tomorrow”. Kate loved it, so it sang it a lot.


End result:

“Tea” (Miss Jennifer actually brings a non-staining drink such as apple juice or lemonade. Also: lots of napkins and wipes!)

The Cookies:

Frosting is the Best Part:

Frosting Monster!

Dress Up:

I really am going to have to figure out how to edit my photos. Too much glare in these. IMO.

(To satisfy the FTC: Got this service free. Miss Jennifer is starting a new business, and we thought a ‘dry run’ would help her out! Thank you, and good night.)

Updated to add: Look, more pictures! Including me in a feather boa.