Music Monday: Classic Rock, Suggestions Welcome

I don’t know where he heard it, but M is currently obsessed with this song:

Which, hey, there are worse old rock songs that he could be into.

Watching this video, I am struck by so many things, not least of which is how young they all are. Freddy Mercury had a hell of an overbite. Brian May just looks mad. Pissed off and cold. But that is an iconic guitar riff.

So, with this Queen gem as a starting point, what kind of Spotify playlist could I put together for my children that’s not — and this is vital — what they can hear any old time on the radio?

I feel like there is a wide range of classic rock out there, but one hears the same songs all the time on the classic rock stations. A handful of Led Zepplin songs, a couple of Who songs, another handful of Rolling Stones.

So what do YOU like that you DON’T hear on the radio? I feel like Bruce Springsteen has some seriously underrated, obscure tracks out there that would be good to introduce to the children. Same with The Who, Rolling Stones… ooh, Police.

If you were making a playlist to actually get your child or other young person into classic rock, what would you include?

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Classic Rock, Suggestions Welcome

  1. I love, love, love Classic Rock. I love Zeppelin. I love Springsteen. But my kids are not interested, and I get it. I think those are 2 you need to discover when you’re ready (for me Zeppelin was high school, Dylan college, Springsteen as an adult).

    We read Legends, Icons & Rebels by Robbie Robertson with Deven and listened to songs from each artist as we went. He really enjoyed that.

    Also, try some Velvet Underground.

    • My children pretty much listen to everything (so far). The only group Flora would rather NOT hear is Nirvana (so her father’s daughter). That book sounds like a good introduction! Thanks!

  2. Harry Chapin’s cats in the cradle has kept with me and I love it but never hear it. I also love Ricky Martin’s It’s all right now, and Jim Croce Time In A Bottle. As you can tell, the messages in music are as important as the sound; we used to sing in the car.

    • I don’t think I can do Cats in the Cradle. Makes me cry. Every. Dang. Time. We are Croce fans here, though! That could work. I’ll look at Ricky Martin — I am not familiar. Thanks!

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