Project: Food Budget: Week 12

Project: Food Budget

A day late, but at least I’m not a dollar short!

Aldi = $53.38
Aldi = $20.67
Costco = $225.00

Two Aldi trips this week because we had a picnic in the park on Friday night. I picked up pistachios, hummus, cheese and crackers, deli ham, and chips and salsa. We met @TwinMamaTeb and her children in the park. She was much better prepared with risotto salad and cucumber salad, plus utensils!

I even forgot drinks. Michael, Flora and I walked over to a nearby Walgreens to buy iced teas and water.

And then: Antney’s for ice cream.

I should probably put those extras in my budget, eh? (About $8 and $16, respectively.)


It’s the last week of Food Budget, round 2. I will have a wrap up post next week about what worked for me and what I need to do better.

This weekend, we made a Costco trip for staples, then filled in the gaps with a quick stop at Aldi. I have decided that I am going to limit where I need to shop each weekend. For example, if I put a meal plan together that needs a lot of vegetarian meat substitutes, the trip will be to Target instead of Aldi. We will only go to Costco once a month, if that, and try to stay around $200. And Giant Eagle we will avoid like crazy, unless we are stopping for a growler of beer and/or very specialty food products (i.e. Goya tomato sauce and pigeon peas for rice and beans.)

Although, the farmers market will always be a possibility. We missed it this week because I attended a few sessions at PodcampX Saturday morning.

Meal plan:
I cannot remember what we ate this weekend. So, nothing special.

I have Dan on a protein and vegetable diet this week because he’s going to be doing another Tough Mudder, and he wants to lose a couple more pounds from his belly. He is plenty strong enough (although he’s worried about his hand strength), but helping him get a little lighter will give him a boost. So he’s getting chicken, ham and cheese omelets, salad, and beef this week!

Monday: Tortellini, chicken or tofu, salad, cucumbers
Tuesday: Quesadillas and baby carrots
Wednesday: Pizza and salad (feeding five children)
Thursday: WFH lunch, tomato soup with grilled cheese; rice, Indian-spiced kidney beans and tomatoes, naan, tandoori-ish chicken
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Burgers, tater tots, salad

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