Project: Food Budget, Week 10

Project: Food Budget

Last week, our only food expenditure was dining out on Tuesday night at a restaurant in Donegal. If you are ever in that area, I highly recommend Out of the Fire Cafe. It is BYOB, the staff is very good, and the food is fresh and delicious. We’ve been going there for a few years now, and it is always a highlight of the family reunion.

Week 9, dining out, $100.

This week’s expenses:

Farmers market = $42
Costco = $48.85
Giant Eagle = $44.55

We did well primarily because the freezer is well stocked. The most expensive thing this week was the time I spent trying to get out of the Moon Giant Eagle. Honestly, I will do anything in my power to keep from going back.

We ended up in Costco because that’s where we get our prescriptions filled, and Kate needed antibiotic ear drops. Hence, Costco was pretty much our splurge for the week. I picked up Belvita biscuits, whole grain fig bars, and Whole Fruit frozen treats, plus desk snacks and cereal.

The farmers market provided Saturday’s dinner (apple sausage and spinach and feta pies — OH MY!), plus green beans, two loaves of whole grain bread, and tomatoes, the last of which I plan to roast and freeze.

Weekly menu:

Saturday: We had guests in on Saturday, so for the grownups, I prepared Israeli cous cous, apple sausage, and a caprese salad, plus those aforementioned spinach and feta pies heated through.
Sunday: rice and beans, chicken, arugula salad
Monday: tortellini with marinara sauce, nuggets, broccoli
Tuesday: French toast, veggie sausage, and blueberries (brinner, in other words)
Wednesday: pizza and salad
Thursday: vegetarian chili and pierogies
Friday: I’m turning chili and rice and beans into baked burritos and quesadillas

Two more weeks to go! Let’s see how the gang is doing.

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