Vacation Re-Entry Status: Bumpy

We got back yesterday afternoon. The Seven Springs vacation was wonderful; we had better weather than we’ve had in a long time up there, every day was sunny, hot, and dry. We spent most of the time at the pool.

I didn’t take many pictures.

Baby Shower table.
Baby Shower table.

Dr. Sis’s baby shower went off wonderfully. Her mother-in-law did a wonderful job with the centerpieces. She also added a game (guess the number of jellybeans in the baby bottle), and we had tons of favors to give away. Food was good, company was better, and Baby Girl G is well set for those first few months!

Baby shoes!
Baby shoes!

She even got an entire box of baby shoes and baby sunglasses!

Poolside Uke.
Poolside Uke.

We spent a lot of time poolside. The children swam for hours each day.

Arcade prizes.
Arcade prizes.

We did spend a couple of hours up at the arcade in the lodge. The children played games and got their requisite pile of junk.

All-in-all, we had a nice time. I was supposed to head into the office today instead of taking my usual Thursday WFH day, but — due, no doubt, to all the swimming — I have a Katie with very painful swimmers ear, and I spent some time this morning getting her to the doctor and filling her prescription. The nanny has the other two out and about, and Kate is resting. And waiting to feel better. I am working via email — which, hey, at least I have that option!

One thought on “Vacation Re-Entry Status: Bumpy

  1. We are leaving for vacation Sunday. We have to coordinate a whole of stuff for after vacation because things are moving quickly toward the beginning of school – especially for my wife who is a teacher. And I’m gone most of one week with the Boy Scouts. While things are crazy there is going to be a lot of good in the coming month.

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