Project: Food Budget, Week 8

Project: Food Budget

Costco = $211
Farmers Market = $65
Aldi = $5

I know, I know. It looks like I blew the budget out of the water this week.

However, what I did was shop for two weeks.

We will be busy and out of town this weekend (through next Tuesday), so I effectively shopped for this week and next. That’s why I made another Costco trip so close to the Week 5 one. I hate coming home to an empty larder, so I am aiming to prevent that this time around.

I did splurge at the Farmers Market a little bit, buying a trio of cheeses for $22 to bring to a party I was going to Saturday. It was well worth it. I also bought another bottle of 6 Mile wine, just because I felt like it.

I bought tomatoes, which I turned into sauce, and peaches, which I peeled, sliced, and froze for later use. I can’t eat raw peaches. They smell heavenly, but that fuzz gets to my lips, and I can’t deal with the texture. My other farmers market purchases included coffee and a scone (what? I go first thing Saturday morning!), and arugula, which Dan keeps requesting.

It may seem silly to count $5 at Aldi, but I couldn’t find a reasonable amount of rice at Costco, and it is a staple, so I had to make the stop. I also picked up apple juice to make a beer cocktail — three amazing recipes here. Totally worth the extra stop.

I did go off list at Costco (plus bought ziploc bags and paper towels). I bought chicken, and I discovered a four-pack of tofu for $5.29. Plus, I bought three kinds of coffee: whole bean, to grind for the French press; already-ground for the drip coffee maker, which is what I use during the week; and VIA instant, which I keep at my desk.

I may have a coffee problem.

Aside from coffee and other non-perishable foodstuffs, I restocked our coconut oil, which has become a staple. I haven’t started using it as a moisturizer yet, only because it will make me constantly hungry. And, possibly, my children will cannabilize me.

Weekly meal plan:

Sunday: Dinner at friends’ house
Monday: Bella fed me and the children, although I cooked Dan some chicken (in coconut oil), and made him an arugula salad and a caprese salad since he was going to be home late
Tuesday: Tacos!
Wednesday: Tortellini, salmon (for Dan), tofu (for me), and salad
Thursday: Dinner with SIL someplace
Friday: Beans and rice
Saturday: Kennywood picnic day (and Potato Patch fries)

It looks like we are eating out often this week, which is something we hardly ever do. I’ll have to track that for next week’s post.

Anyone else shopping a week ahead?

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6 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget, Week 8

  1. I’m excited to see if you can make everything stretch for 2 weeks. I always find we need to stock up on things like fruit, eggs, and bread.

    Also, coconut oil doesn’t really smell like coconuts on the skin. It absorbs in and is pretty mild. You may want to give it a go. 😉

  2. Like Emily, I can’t typically go a complete two weeks without shopping, but a big budget buster week can usually last us if we choose wisely and stick to eating out of the pantry. And now I want tacos!

    • We will probably need some fresh fruit and veggies, agreed. And tacos are one of our most popular meals. I make one skillet of ground beef, and one skillet of soy crumbles. My children can easily eat between two and six tacos each. 🙂 I usually stop at two!

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