Project: Food Budget, Week 7

Project: Food Budget

Giant Eagle Market District = $167.79
Aldi = $63.36

We were in budget at Aldi, but we didn’t get to Target or the farmers market, instead deciding to shop at the Market District, which put us about $100 over budget.

Let this be a lesson to you, kiddies. In addition to planning, saving money takes TIME. We could’ve saved more money if we had had the time to go to four different places. But due to other obligations, we did the bulk of our shopping on Sunday, and needed another trip to Aldi that I didn’t make until Monday evening after work.

Dan went shopping with an incomplete list, although he did have a copy of the meal plan. But, remember, he shops from the list, not the meal plan. I just never had the time to match up the list with the plan. We helped a relative move some furniture, we had a pool party to attend, and we were down to one car for a bit of the weekend. So he was out Sunday with the girls and, in the interest of time, he decided to do all the shopping at the Market District, where they also stopped for lunch.

And then the trip got more expensive when the car wouldn’t start, and he needed to call AAA to bring out a new battery. That was another $118 we hadn’t budgeted for!


Sunday: Chicken (or tofu) and pesto pasta
MOnday: Raviolis in marinara, salad
Tuesday: Corn dogs and mac n cheese, green beans
Wednesday: Tortilla soup, salad, baby carrots
Thursday: Ramen, salmon, stir fry vegetables
Friday: Tacos, baby carrots
Saturday: Pizza and salad

I splurged a little this week on Oreos of all things, mostly because I wanted to give the children something to do. They and our nanny are going to make these yummy little things. And then I will have to hide them from my husband.

Check in with everyone and leave them some love!

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