Lone Wolf

If I were to measure day-to-day parenting between Dan and me on a balancing scale, it would probably dip lower on my side. I don’t know how much lower — after all, three days a week, the girls are at his office after school, and he’s always there at night, in the morning, and on the weekends. I do more meal-making, to be sure, and run the children around more. I guess I do more of the logistical legwork than he does.

And that’s okay. It’s how it works in our two-working-parents household. And he is always there to step up when his schedule allows. He doesn’t shirk in his duties. Although, he does like to let the girls stay up with him a little bit. He really misses them during the week.

But now he’s going to Memphis with one of his uncles for four days.

He won’t be there tonight. Or tomorrow morning. Or the next two nights and mornings after that.

I will be 100% parent-on-duty until sometime on Sunday evening.

And we’re dog sitting.


I think I would feel a little better about lone wolfing if I were not so very stressed at work. Dan’s the one I can cry with on the phone in the parking lot (yesterday’s joyful moment!) telling him how much I hate this job.

I would never compare myself to a single parent. I have my husband’s full financial, physical, and emotional support. He is there, and he is an active participant in our household, from parenting to housework.

So: pray for me and the children. The in-laws are close by, although I don’t have very ambitious plans for the weekend. Putz around; clean what I can when I can; make sure everyone eats; maybe a little food shopping. Make sure the dog is fed, watered, and walked (this is the girls’ job — dollars are on the line!). I’ve gotten Flora a ride to her soccer game Sunday; M, Kate, and I will be attending a communion lunch for Kate’s BFF.

And, of course, plenty of this and SOA to get me through my lonely evenings!


How do you survive lone wolfing?

4 thoughts on “Lone Wolf

  1. Girl. FISTBUMP. I always feel like a wimp for whining while line wilting, because there’s always someone who has a more difficult situation, more kids, longer stretches alone, or a single parent. But dammit, when you are used to having another adult around & that person takes roughly half the load of Parenting & Grown-up Duties off your shoulders? It is HARD to go solo. I’m in the middle of another multi-week stretch & it is starting to become less fun. Ha. He’s home in the weekends thankfully, but it’s still a really long haul for everyone, even the kids. I survive by eating lots of chocolate after kids are in bed, and I almost always do whatever I can to make sure they’re in bed early (not always possible but it sure is nice when it happens!) Good luck, lady. Solidarity!

    • I guess this is the other half of it: I haven’t been on my own with three children for multiple days like this. There have been times where Dan has worked longer hours or whatever, but he’s generally present at some point, even if it’s just to drive M to daycare. The option of not being POD is GONE.

      I’m going to be thankful that I don’t have diapers to change. Don’t hate me. 😉

      And, let’s face it, I will survive (probably) and so will the children. I’m just whinging, fo’ sure!

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