The Only Thing I Was Ever Good At

I am embarking on the job search, hard-core.

When you end up in the bathroom crying after a meeting — because you have plainly stated that what is being asked of you is impossible to accomplish in the amount of time you have been given, and been solidly and utterly unheard — it’s time to move on.

Looking around at open positions is depressing to me, for myriad reasons. Not the least of which being that I may just be trading one devil for another. And the devil you know…


As I mentioned recently, I am not this job — I’ve learned better — but I am a writer. Writing is really the only thing at which I ever excelled. The only marketable job skill I have is writing. Well, writing and editing.

And it’s really the only thing I have ever wanted to do. Write. Edit to make writing better.

And I am GOOD at it. I especially excel at learning about something, or interviewing a person, and then writing about the thing or the person. Daguerreotypes. KVM systems. Wineries. Organ transplants.

I can capture a voice. I can create a voice. I can make technological products understandable and give you the information you need to know if you need to purchase them. I can tell you about a trainer and his philosophy. I can blog.

I am learning more every day about SEO, social media, analytics, and other online content. This is probably the next step in this writing career I have built — am building for myself. Providing content, performing analytics, managing social media. I still have a lot to learn, but I am learning it.

I am not a marketing guru. Do I know a few things about marketing? Sure I do. Am I learning each day about marketing? Again, sure. I’m not a dummy. But *marketing* isn’t what I do.

I just write. (And edit.)



— This is the headline and the opening of my personal favorite thing I ever wrote. I really need to get a pdf of it online somewhere.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

5 thoughts on “The Only Thing I Was Ever Good At

  1. Talk to me. You know I’m looking to expand, so even though I can’t offer you full-time work (or pay. Ahem.), I can help fill in any gaps. And you can probably help fill in mine. In fact, I have an idea that would swirl to involve a third person you know via Twitter or more…

    • Susan, thank you. I will be in touch. I do, really, want to work with you. Thank you for reaching out! Once my insane April is over, let’s make plans to have coffee.

  2. Damn. Sorry you’re going through this. I eventually gave up and am now a Stay at home dad, which is, in many ways, what I wanted, but also not. i was “supposed” to be working in the music industry. Good luck.

    • Failure is not an option. 😉
      Which is to say, I just can’t give up. I know, I’ve tried. 🙂
      Thanks for the good luck wishes. I need all of them I can get!

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