Random Thoughts: The High-Low-High Edition

Thanks to the advice of a local parenting expert, Dr. Deborah Gilboa (on Twitter as @AskDrG), I started “playing” a game with my children at dinner time called High-Low-High. Each day we strive to recount one low point and two high points of our day to share with each other.

The girls are tougher than Michael at this point — Kate gets goofy, Flora claims she doesn’t remember anything. Michael LOVES to share his day, though!

We had a very high-low-high weekend.

High: Saturday started with nice coffee date with the baby loss mother I’ve been seeing. We tried a new place, Anchor and Anvil Coffee in Ben Avon, and I highly recommend it. She was in good spirits. She had had a dream of her son the night before, and she was getting comfortable with the fact that she didn’t want another child. Flora had to come with us to the coffee shop (she recommends the snickledoodle muffin), and I introduced her as my “rainbow baby.”

And my friend said, “I don’t think I’m going to have a rainbow baby.” And she sounded FINE about it.

This, as you may imagine, is unusual in the baby loss community — she may be a party of one — but she was very upbeat and positive. And that is good to see.

High: Saturday afternoon, as a family we went to go see Home, which is a very entertaining, very sweet animated film. We met Dr. Bro and two nephews at the theater (this was a birthday gift from us to the nephews) and took up eight seats. Afterward, we went over Dr. Bro’s house, ordered takeout, and let the kids tear around the house while we hung out.

It’s really nice to voluntarily hang out with family.

Eye See You! This is what happens when I try to get a candid shot of Kate.
Eye See You! This is what happens when I try to get a candid shot of Kate.

Low: on the way home we hit a deer. We actually hit it about 100 yards from our house. No one was hurt; the damage to the car was minimal. The deer bounded away, so it seemed to be unharmed. Our insurance is taking care of everything, including a rental car if we need it. (Moral of the story: Buy the good insurance!)

Cracked bumper.
Oh, deer.

High: Sunday was another good day in general, although my front room did not get cleaned. I feel like we clean the same things over and over again. (As of this morning, it still needed to be finished and vacuumed. Maddening.) I ran errands alone; we had a nice family dinner — burgers, fries, and salad, a popular stand-by; the girls and I went to Palm Sunday mass, and they were well-behaved. It was a nice way to end the weekend.

Low: Monday morning was another fustercluck because despite my exhortations to get ready for Monday morning, my girls were not ready for Monday morning. One of them was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I actually left her to get the other to school on time. Dan was unhappy with me. But you know what? She was ready on time this morning!

I have two more days in the office, one WFH day, and I’m off Friday and Monday. We are traveling to Erie for Easter. Next thing on my to-do list is to find some rain boots for my children!

What are your weekend high-low-highs?

One thought on “Random Thoughts: The High-Low-High Edition

  1. High – having dad in from Ireland for a visit.
    Low – missing Emerald City Comic Con yet again
    Low – the baby has been sick and threw up on me this morning.

    I’m not playing this game correctly….

    High – Surprise auto-review-mailer for Song Of The Sea Blu-ray (a fantastically beautiful film your whole family should see)
    High – “impromptu” complete family photo. All 8 of us. It’s not a great picture, but it’s all of us. So very rare these days.

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