Random Thoughts: The Some Things I Need, Some Things I Could Do Without Edition

Aside from money, honey, I could really use:

1. Two working cars. Dan’s parents came home just in time to play chauffeur to Dan. His car broke down last week. We are still waiting to hear something definitive from the mechanic. And hoping we can pay for it.

2. A fully operational furnace. I came home last night to a chilly house. The furnace was operating, but the thermostat read 60 degrees. I’ve been having a little bit of a rough time lately (I blame my job), and I had to walk into the kitchen to have a mini-breakdown with some silent weeping. The space heaters are keeping us comfortable, but we’ll have to figure out the furnace issue in the next couple of days.

3. A new job. My current employer… how do I say it? They don’t seem to be too concerned with employee morale. At the beginning of the year, they switched healthcare providers, and hit us up with premiums three times what they used to be. So after getting a raise a year ago, I am now bringing home LESS money. They are moving us into an open-floor office, which, for a person like me who needs some quiet and privacy to actually be productive, is going to be a nightmare. They restructured the way PTO is given, and every full-time employee lost 8 hours. And part-time employees no longer get PTO — so I guess I should be glad I’m full time?

And don’t get me started on QR codes. Thinking about using them? Go here. (h/t @thejqs)


The only bright spot in my life right now (aside from healthy family) is the Listen to Your Mother Show. Speaking of which, I need a nice head shot. My friend Cari is coming over with her good camera to help me out with that. Something I can control and do! That’s kind of nice. More of that, please.

I took a couple of selfies, thinking one of them would be sufficient. But then decided I should try being a little more professional about it.

Although I do look pretty.


Oh, the other thing I need is a new driver’s license. I can control that. If my employer will unchain me long enough.


One thing I could do with fewer of: weird dreams. One night I had a slightly inappropriate dream about a co-worker — who was laid off the following day.

I had a dream that two of my coworkers got married. This dream was kind of sweet. But still weird. I don’t want to dream about my coworkers.

And then I have this recurring dream about someone coming to hurt me. Like, that’s the dream. The man hunts me down for the sole purpose of inflicting harm on me. He is ruthless and unstoppable. He wears a protective mask on his lower face and neck to prevent me from getting my nails into him. And he keeps coming, no matter how far I run and how many obstacles I put in his way.

It’s terrifying. It’s the worst nightmare (barring losing my children) that I have on a recurring basis. I would like it to go away.


Tell me something happy.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Some Things I Need, Some Things I Could Do Without Edition

  1. My daughter has the opportunity over the next week to do 5 different performances for her Irish Dance. My 11 year old son was picked to read at Easter mass. That’s what I’m holding on to.

  2. You look good in that pic, but it looks like you’re sliding downhill. Maybe a good shot for “A Woman on the Move.”

    My company is about to move office buildings, and we’re also going to an “open floor plan.” I’m dreading it for the same reasons you are. (I think.) Management keeps selling all the “it’s great for collaborating, and hey look at the harbor view.”

    Unfortunately, my job doesn’t require collaboration, and my group doesn’t even get a harbor view. I’d respect them more if they just said, “Hey, it’s a dollars and cents thing, we need to shoehorn all you people into as little space as possible,” as opposed to blowing smoke up our butts about how great it’s supposed to be.

    On the other hand, my company just got sold, so I’ll be thrilled if I’m even working next year, in any seating arrangement.

  3. Would you ever think of trying to set up a telecommuting situation? Either by taking the chance on your current job, proposing a couple of days at home per week, or looking through a service like Flex Jobs, Power to Fly? I telecommute full time now, but it started with a day a week. I proposed it to my boss, told her I had one day that I needed full concentration, and the talking in the cubes around me was too distracting. I get so much more done out of the office. No chit chat, and I tend to get dragged into less meetings. There are downsides, but I think a hybrid of office/telecommuting work benefits both sides.

  4. Damn. Wish I was big enough to offer you full-time work, but … not there yet. If you ever have time/desire to resurrect the non-fiction department (or work in fiction), holler. You know I take care of my people. Or try to, anyway.

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