Uber-List 2015

I commit to the following:

1. Different bedtimes for my children. Michael needs to have an earlier bedtime than his sisters. During the week, he needs to be in his room at 8 p.m.

Now, if I could figure out a way for him to learn to fall asleep on his own, that’s the next commitment we need to make. I don’t know when it started — I guess around the time we moved him into the big bed — but I started laying down with him at bedtime. I *never* did this with the girls.

Maybe when I started, he fell asleep faster, too. At this point, I am spending an hour laying there wishing for him to fall asleep. Thinking of all.the.things I need to be/want to be doing, from cleaning up the downstairs to reading my current book. It’s maddening.

M sleeping
More of this, sooner in the evening.

2. I commit to 20-30 minutes at least three times a week, in my home office, cleaning it out. Shredding paper, donating stuff we don’t use anymore, organizing files and photos. I want that room back. This is the year I take it back.

3. I commit to getting my hallway painted and hung with pictures. We bought all the supplies when we did the front closet re-do. It’s a matter of me persuading Dan to take the time, and then having a plan to make it look nice once he’s done his part.

4. I commit to a new family photo.

5. I commit to getting our finances in order. Dan and I are on the same page on this one. We need to cut some expenses (which we have already begun to do), recover our credit, and tighten the budget in 2015 so that in a year or two, we can loosen the belt again.

6. I commit to auditioning for Listen to Your Mother. Like my raise of last year, this is a cheat to put on the uber list. I have the essay written, edited down to under 5 minutes, and an audition time scheduled. It’s happening.

Tomorrow in fact.

7. I commit to being more focused and productive at work. I know I bitch about my job sometimes, but I am not switching lanes at this point unless I absolutely have to. I’m dreading the move to the open office, but I think I can be an advocate for positive change in my workplace. I have to keep my eyes on that.

8. I am committed to writing more than ever this year. It may not all show up on this here blog. I have a lot of words up in my brain that have to start getting to paper. There are things I want to change about my blog, expand it to more than the occasional diary entry or rant, BUT, I may need some other words elsewhere first.

9. I commit to at least one public reading this year.

10. I commit to applying to grad school. I have a particular MFA program in mind. I can’t believe I just wrote that. All righty, then.

I’m committed.

Troublemaker Red Wine
I am going to need plenty of this.